MS Dhoni Amazed When Fan Gifts Him Miniature Model Of Chepauk Stadium, Video Goes Viral

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MS Dhoni Amazed When Fan Gifts Him Miniature Model Of Chepauk Stadium, Video Goes Viral

Former Indian cricket captain and superstar MS Dhoni is adored wherever he goes, but when the Chennai Super Kings play at Tamil Nadu’s Chepauk Stadium in Chennai, he receives unrivaled support from the crowd.

When a player plays at his home stadium, chants of his name can be heard from all parts of the stadium. Recently, a fan gave “Thala” a miniature model of the stadium, which has both MS Dhoni and the internet in awe. Have a look.

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Fan gifts MS Dhoni a miniature stadium

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The now viral video was posted on the cricketer’s fan page, which is known as instamsdhoni.fc. At the beginning of the video, the model is shown on top of a table, with MS Dhoni standing in front of her.

As the video continues, the cricketer can be seen smiling and leaning in to get a better look at the model. The intricacies and details of the miniature have amazed everyone.

“MS Dhoni craze is on another level,” the post’s caption read.

The model’s designers took to Instagram to share the news. According to his bio, Miniature World, an architectural modeling company, shared a series of photos with “Captain Cool.”

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Fans loved the thoughtful gift.

dhoni's commentsinstagram screenshot

One man commented: “The MS Dhoni craze is on another level.”

Another added, “beautiful just need to show Dhoni behind the Wicket will somehow complete this act.”

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“He is the type of player that no one wants to retire…everyone just recounts his life and fights with his people,” wrote another.

“Madness at its peak 😍😍 My mom said it’s so beautiful ❤️ Do you really want to know who she got this for?” added another.

Another wrote: “I enjoyed it like this when I was 9. My dad bought me a Lego city kit for my birthday. I know what it will be like ❤️.”

“If there’s a picture of Dhoni in the field, it’s been great, but a dream came true for you bro…congrats on it,” another man suggested.

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