Netflix is ​​testing a linear-style TV channel

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Netflix TV channel

American entertainment giant Netflix is ​​launching a TV channel along with streaming services. The channel is called Netflix Direct and is being launched as a test in France, TechCrunch reports.

First of all, this channel will show TV series and movies at a certain time. In addition, the channel will be accessed through the Netflix browser-based website.

Meanwhile, Netflix confirmed the release in France in a statement. Netflix announced an increase in investment in the country in January of this year.

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Netflix is ​​currently the largest and most popular entertainment platform. Around 193 million subscribers around the world regularly watch movies and web series from online video streaming sites for a specified amount of money.

The launch of the TV channel is definitely an interesting experiment for Netflix. But people have to wait if it catches on or expands to more geographies with different viewing preferences.

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