New Google Photos Features Leaked, Including Calendar Integration and Partner Sharing

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New Google Photos Features Leaked, Including Calendar Integration and Partner Sharing

Google consistently updates its apps to provide a better user experience and keep users engaged. Recent leaks have hinted at some intriguing features that might be on the horizon for Google Photos.

The company is currently testing several exciting enhancements focused on improving photo and video sharing, refining organization, and assisting users in staying informed about important events.

As reported by, these upcoming features were discovered by app expert assembledebug, who conducted an analysis of the code underlying the Google Photos app. This information was shared on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter. While these features have not been activated in the app yet and may undergo changes, they show promise in further enhancing the user-friendliness of Google Photos. Below, you’ll find a glimpse of these potential Google Photos features:

1. Streamlined Partner Sharing

Google is in the process of testing a convenient sharing shortcut designed to streamline the process of sharing albums with your partner. Instead of going through a complex sharing menu, users can now designate a contact as their partner during the initial setup. This allows for sharing media with a simple tap. It’s important to note that this feature currently supports only one designated partner and is separate from the existing “Partner Sharing” feature.

2. Automatic Album Archiving

Google is experimenting with another feature that could prove quite handy. This feature enables you to automatically transfer albums to an archive after a 30-day period. The archive serves as a designated space for storing albums, photos, and videos that you prefer to keep out of your primary library or away from automatically generated movies and animations.

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Moreover, for added security, you have the option to place content in a locked folder, which requires an additional passcode for access. This feature provides users with more control over their media and privacy settings.

3. Integrated Calendar

Google Photos appears to be on the verge of a new integration with Google Calendar, a move that could make managing your schedule and memories even more effortless. This upcoming feature suggests the ability to create reminders and events directly from the Google Photos app, complete with details such as time, title, and duration.

While the full extent of how Google plans to utilize this functionality remains unclear, it opens up intriguing possibilities. It might enable the connection of Google Photos’ “Memories” feature with Google Calendar, or even allow the conversion of photos containing appointment or invitation information into calendar events.

Of particular note, these features seem poised to offer added benefits to Google One subscribers, as the code references perks like reminders and auto-collection options.

It’s essential to bear in mind that these features are currently in the testing phase and could undergo changes before potential implementation. Nevertheless, they hold significant potential for streamlining photo management, album organization, and the seamless integration of Google Photos with Google Calendar—potentially enhancing the user experience.

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