New Instagram feature ‘Silent Mode’ similar to mobile ‘Do Not Disturb’

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New Instagram feature 'Silent Mode' similar to mobile 'Do Not Disturb'

For users in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Instagram on Thursday introduced a new option called “silent mode.” This mode is Instagram’s version of the popular “Do Not Disturb” setting on mobile devices.

🎉 New control features 🎉

Today we’re launching new tools to help people, especially teens, manage their time and what they see on Instagram:

– Silent mode – Hidden words for recommendations – Not interested Multiple selection

—Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) January 19, 2023

Although it is accessible to all users, Meta designed it with young people in mind so that they can take a break from endless scrolling and focus on their schoolwork, especially at night.

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The company also mentioned that it will warn teens if they spend an excessive amount of time on the app at night.

As soon as the feature is activated, it will immediately stop all alerts, automatically start replying to messages and switch your activity status to “silent mode”. When the feature is disabled, the user will be presented with a summary of all the activities that happened. With this release, Meta wants to help people “set boundaries with friends and followers.” In the future, Meta intends to introduce it in a wider variety of countries.

In addition, Instagram has included a greater number of parental restrictions and other methods to personalize the suggestions. Users can now mark posts that appear on the “Explore” page as “not interested” to avoid seeing similar content in the future. Users can also block phrases, emoticons, and hashtag recommendations. Parents can receive notifications if their ward modifies a setting, and can also view blacklisted accounts in their child’s identifier.

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A survey by Common Sense Media found that the amount of time teens spend in front of screens increased by 17% between the years 2019 and 2021. According to the latest data from, members of Generation Z use Instagram more than any other social media platform. Meta’s ‘silent mode’ is the latest in a series of moves by the company to give users more control over their fingerprints. This occurs when criticizing the potentially negative impact that social networks have on adolescents and young people.

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Instagram recently introduced ‘nudges’, which alert teens who spend too much time on a particular topic, especially comparing looks, to change content. In addition, it introduced parental monitoring tools to set time limits for kids and non-social media activity recommendations for users to engage in when they want to take a break from the app.

Instagram has also introduced a series of security measures that will protect the privacy of users under the age of 18 and restrict their access to adult content and ads.

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