New Optical Illusion Reveals Best Personality Traits

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New Optical Illusion Reveals Best Personality Traits

Optical illusions are a fun way to pass the time, but they’re also healthy for you since they force your eyes and brain to work together to understand what you see. 

When two individuals look at the same thing, they can see very different things – and what you see might reportedly disclose certain things about your personality test.

For example, if you look at the image above and notice which symbol stands out the most, it may disclose your strongest personality attribute. The image, which was shared originally by The Minds Journal, has seven symbols that can attract your attention: a book, roses, a tilted cross, balloons, a heart, a lion, a happy face, and a tie.

Which one do you see first?

Examine the whole image below and then compare it to the symbol description to determine your best personality feature.

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If you saw the lion first

Your defining characteristics are courage and boldness, and you have strong self-confidence, but you are also honest with yourself. You are not blind to your own flaws, but you accept them as much as your positive qualities. 

If you saw the balloons first

You are an everlasting optimist, and you always have some optimism with you. You are a chronic daydreamer with little to no control over where your mind goes. 

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Nobody can make you change your mind once you’ve decided something seems correct. You carry hope with you at all times. 

If you saw the book first

You are not only intelligent, but you also have the gift of intuition. Most individuals are a ‘open book’ to you, and people frequently seek your assistance because they are unable to make their own decisions.

You can also handle most of the problems that come your way with ease and elegance. 

If you saw the roses first

Your most powerful weapon is love. You are quick to notice something lovely in whatever you see. You enjoy peace and tranquillity, so you avoid unwanted chatter and aren’t interested in being in the spotlight.

Gentleness comes naturally to you, and you go out of your way to satisfy people. 

If you saw the tilted cross first

You have taught yourself self-control and are a master of your own self, which others find difficult to acquire. Giving your heart to another person is difficult for you, but when you truly want someone, you do everything you can to make it work. 

You’re highly loyal and intellectual, and you’re an artist at heart. You’ve also taught yourself self-control, and your emotions no longer overwhelm you. 

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