New Zealand Pizza Chain Launches ‘Pay After You Die’ Scheme; This is what it means

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The company also shared a video to announce its latest scheme, which features a person delivering pizzas to customers while accompanied by a lawyer.

As good news for all the pizza lovers out there, a New Zealand based pizza chain has launched a unique and innovative way to pay for your food. The recently launched scheme, known as Afterlife Pay, will allow you to pay all your pizza bills after you die. Yes, you heard right. Now you can settle your payments after your death.

According to the official website, only 666 customers can be part of this contract. “Paying for things can be a big burden. So we’re testing a new payment plan that allows you to buy now and pay much later… when you’re resting six feet underground. Only proceed if you want to be one of the selected 666 living mortals who will legally declare their debt to us in their will,” the website said.

The establishment also offers 24 creatively named pizzas to choose from on the menu. Options include Lust, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, Lust Deluxe, Burger Pizza, Pandemonium, Brimstone, Mordor, Morning After Pizza, Grimm, Mischief, Cursed, Trouble, among many others.

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The company also shared a video to announce its latest scheme. The video shows a person delivering pizzas to customers while she is accompanied by a lawyer. She can be seen asking them to sign a contract stating that they will get their free pizza now and pay for it when they die.

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The video description read: “We’re making it easy for you to feast in hell! Introducing Afterlife Pay, a new payment method that lets you shop now and pay…much later!”

It was shared on May 25 and since then it has accumulated more than 7,000 views. Curious netizens also reacted to the video and called for the procedure to be applied. “How do I apply?” asked one user. Another asked: “Is this real?”

Meanwhile, those who want to apply for the scheme can visit the official website and submit their names. They can also choose the type of Pizza they want to order from the menu. They then have the option to choose how they would like the pizza base.

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In the last process, you will be asked to enter your email address. “Our attorneys would like to point out that by entering your email below, you are declaring your intent to pay hell the full value of your pizza, upon your death. As long as…” reads the official statement on the website.

“TERMS: The selected candidates will be notified before June 17, 2023, who will receive a unique code for a pizza that they can enjoy now and pay for in the afterlife,” he added.

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