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Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Birthday, Nationality, Parents, Songs, Girlfriend, Married, Career, Wife, Salary, Net Worth, and other details: Nicholas Joseph Fuentes is an American far-right and white nationalist, political commentator and live streamer. He was a former YouTuber, however, his channel was banned and as of 2022 all of the popular social media platforms are banned for him. he appears on the news continually due to his controversial views. On November 22nd, 2022 Nick Fuentes was invited to Donald Trump’s Dinner which was a small, four-person Dinner and Nick was one of the invitees. He has been a long-time supporter of Trump, and his name has appeared with the events of the US Capitol attack several times. Keep reading this article to know more about his age, name, sex, height, weight, career, controversies, Social Media ban, Parents, Hometown, Education, and other personal details.

Nick Fuentes Birthday. Age, Zodiac

Nick Fuentes was born on the 18th of August, 1998. He is currently 24 years old as of 2022. Born on 18th August he belongs to the Zodiac Sign or Sun Sign group Leo.

Nick Fuentes Parents, Hometown, Education

He was born in Illinois USA. Nothing much is known about his parents or siblings but we know that his Father was of Mexican Descent and he is a Roman Catholic which might be his Mother’s beliefs. He did his schooling at Lyons Township High School, in Illinois. He was elected as the president of the student council.

Nick joined Boston University to study international relations and politics. However, he had to leave his University in 2017 due to the huge amount of threats and hatred he was receiving, after attending the white supremacist “Unite the Right rally” in Charlottesville. He later applied for transfer admission to Auburn University in the fall of 2017 but he never joined it.

Nick Fuentes Career

Fuentes was regular as a speaker at protests and rallies that led up to the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol. His ideologies and view are extremely far-right and very controversial. Fuentes strongly opposes immigration, which he believes is a demographic threat to the United States. He has spoken out against the “LGBT agenda”.

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He started commentating about politics on a local radio and TV station hosted by his high school. This is where he embraced his mainstream and conservative views. Currently, he is hosting the episodic live stream “America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes”. It started back in 2017. The stream contains his repeated usage of ironic humor to appeal to GenZ while also providing plausible deniability for his often extreme views.

Nick Fuentes

In 2017 he kept his views on many things. Most of them were extremely prejudiced and very hateful. Fuentes said that “The First Amendment was not written for the Saudi Royal Family”. The then-publisher of the show, RSBN, issued an apology. They accepted that the comments were “unacceptable” and “inappropriate”. Fuentes left RSBN in August 2017 over this and other comments, as well as media coverage of his attendance at the Unite the Right rally.

Nick Fuentes ban From Youtube, Twitter, Twitch

He co-hosted the Nationalist Review podcast with fellow white nationalist James Allsup until January 2018. The two had a petty public fallout. Later on, in January 2020, Fuentes’ YouTube channel was demonetized and one of his videos was removed by YouTube as a violation of their hate speech policies. Nick is an extreme right-wing nationalist and he places his views raw and real. He has also been previously banned from Twitch and Reddit and in February 2020, his YouTube channel was also terminated.

After that, he shifted to lesser-known platforms to stream like DLive. The platform, DLive has been criticized for allowing Fuentes to use their platform. One after another, all the social media platforms banned him with Twitter being the last to ban him. He cannot use several financial and e-commerce services, including PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Shopify, Stripe, Streamlabs, and Coinbase as he has been banned by these platforms as well.

However, Nick is very sure of his goals and views and he found his own platform to spread his views among his supporters and other people. Fuentes collaborated with Alex Jones to launch his own live-streaming platform in October 2021 and gathered a huge fanbase of 45,000 subscribers across and Telegram. His Unstoppable attitude and his intelligence were praised by Vice journalist Tess Owens who called him  “the kingpin of the ultranationalist youth movement”.

Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes AFPAC

Nick started organizing annual meeting conferences which he named “America First Political Action Conference” AFPAC. He held the first AFPAC in 2020 where he received support from conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, who agreed to speak at his conference. Consequently, “Young America’s Foundation” fired Malkin who has worked there for 17 years.

Nick held the second conference of AFPAC in 2021 where he spoke alongside Malkin, former Iowa Representative Steve King, and current Arizona Representative Paul Gosar. However, he was banned from the Hyatt Regency Orlando, due t his attempt to start a commotion on the CPAC Floor.

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In February 2022 he organized the 3rd AFPAC and made a very controversial speech. In his speech, he indirectly praised Hitler when he said that people compare Putin to Hitler, “As if it is a bad thing” and asked the audience to clap for Russia to which the Audience replied with a huge roar of claps and shouts of “Putin, Putin”. Mitt Romney a fellow republican also criticized this.

Nick Fuentes 2021 Capitol Attack

Nick Fuentes is a supporter of Donald Trump and is an extreme-right-wing activist, also a white supremacist. He participated in the numerous rallies and protests that led up to the 2021 United States Capitol Attack. Two days, before the Capitol attack he discussed during his live stream that there is no other option than killing the legislature who oppose overturning the results to Trump’s favor.

Later, on 6th January 2021, he addressed a group of people at the freedom Plaza where he said and quote “It is us and our ancestors that created everything good that you see in this country. All these people have taken over our country—we do not need them. … It is the American people, and our leader, Donald Trump, against everybody else in this country and this world… Our Founding Fathers would get in the streets, and they would take this country back by force if necessary. And that is what we must be prepared to do.”

As such Nick Fuentes was a controversial figure in the matters related to the US Capitol Attack. After the attack, his bank account had been frozen, and soon after he was banned from Airbnb, Facebook, and Instagram. On January 19, 2022, he received a subpoena.

Another interesting issue in this regard was when a group of far-right activists received large donations in bitcoin from a French donor on December 8. Fuentes received 13.5 bitcoin which was by far the largest share. It is still being investigated whether these Donations were made for the funding of the Rallies and Protests and the Attack.

Nick Fuentes Relationship, Views

Nick opposes immigration and believes that it is a threat to the American demographic. He also opposes Feminism and Mainstream Conservatism. He refers to same-sex marriage as “Deviancy”. Nick also claims that the United States is a White, Christian country and should remain so. There is no place for conservative people in America and it is a Godless country run by Jews, atheists, and Homosexuals where the Christians suffer is what he believes. He has never been in a relationship with a woman either as a friend or in a more romantic involvement.

Here is the full bio of Nick Fuentes, his family, mother, father, brother, sister, name, age, height in feet, weight, body measurement, girlfriend, interest, high school, college, nationality,  University, spouse, Twitter, income, birthday, zodiac, sign, education, religion, date of birth, hometown, Gender, Ethnicity, profession, net worth.

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Nick Fuentes Information Table

Real name Nicholas Joseph Fuentes
Gender  Male
Age  24
Date of birth August 18, 1998
Birthplace  Illinois, USA
Nationality  America
Hometown America
Profession Political commentator
Height  meters: 1.75m

centimeters: 175 cm

feet: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight  in Kgs: 68 Kg

in Lbs: 150lbs

Interest Reading philosophical books, listening to Philosopher speeches
Zodiac sign Leo
Marital status Unmarried
University Boston University
Parents  Not known
School Lyons Township High School
Religion Roman Catholic
Girlfriend Not Known
Political Ideology  Extreme Right-Wing
Net worth $69,000

Social media Accounts of The Young Politician

All of his Social Media accounts are banned however you can watch one of the videos here.

Some lesser-known facts

  • He left Boston University in 2017, after attending the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.
  • Fuentes strongly opposes immigration, which he believes is a demographic threat to the United States. He has spoken out against the “LGBT agenda”.
  • In January 2020, Youtube removed Fuentes’ YouTube channel. Youtube earlier demonetized his channel when one of his videos was a violation of Youtube’s Hate Speech Policy. At present, he has no account on any popular social media platforms.
  • He opened his own Stream Platform along with Alex Jones called
  • In his streams, he repeatedly uses ironic humor to appeal to GenZ and also provides plausible deniability for his often extreme views.

FAQs on Nick

1) Who are his parents?

There is no information about his parents or their name. However, his father is known to be of Mexican Descent and He is a Roman Catholic which might be the religion of his mother.

2)Why does he oppose the left?

He believes that America is a White Christian country and should remain so. Nick opposes LGBTQ, feminism, and many other left-wing beliefs. He is a Roman Catholic and as such he is extremely dedicated to the religion and opposes ideologies that do not go with it.

3)Does he have a girlfriend?

No, Nick Fuentes does not have a girlfriend and appears to not have had any earlier.

4)Which political leader does he support?

He is a huge supporter of Donald Trump.

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