Night Stars Arrested: London volunteers arrested at coronation protests

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Night Stars Arrested

London night security volunteers arrested in the crackdown on coronation protests reportedly worked in partnership with Met police. Read the article to learn more and follow us to get all the ideas. Continue reading for more details. Suzie Melvin told a committee of MPs that despite having the force’s logo on her hi-vis vest, she was stopped and detained for hours. A volunteer arrested before the coronation as part of the crackdown on protesters told MPs that her organization works in partnership with the Metropolitan Police. Suzie Melvin and two of her colleagues were reportedly detained on the Friday before the event while patrolling the streets of central London as part of Westminster City Council’s Night Stars programme, which offers help to vulnerable people at night to keep them safe. except.

stars of the night arrested

But despite explaining their jobs to officers and wearing high-visibility vests with the force’s logo emblazoned on them, the three women were detained following reports that people were handing out rape alarms to cause disruption. Around the King’s coronation, but she worried that the experience might deter others from joining the group of volunteers. The Commons committee is investigating police activities at the coronation after the force faced backlash over arrests it made around the event.

stars of the night arrested

Officers reportedly detained a total of 64 people, including 13 people to prevent a public nuisance and a man with an unused megaphone, which police say could scare horses. The Met said officials policed ​​the coronation “proportionately” and within the “context” of the large-scale event, though they later expressed regret at charging six protesters who were later released without charge. Several critics blamed a new law, the Public Order Law, introduced by the government just days before the coronation.

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stars of the night arrested

New powers under the law include allowing officers to stop and search anyone suspected of planning to cause a disruption and making “jamming” a crime. A senior police source told the newspaper that he had received firm instructions from the Home Office to crack down on the protests, amid speculation about political pressure on officers. Speaking before the same committee, however, Met Deputy Commissioner Matt Twist said police rigorously protect operational independence. The committee itself also faced interruption from protesters, prompting complaints from one MP.

Its chair, Labor MP Diana Johnson, asked Ms Melvin to describe her experience to the committee. She explained how the team of three volunteers started their shift at 7pm, patrolling areas like Soho, Leicester Square and Embankment.

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