Noam Chomsky calls ChatGPT “basically high-tech rip-off”

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Noam Chomsky Slams ChatGPT

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According to Noam Chomsky, a well-known intellectual researcher and thinker in the United States, ChatGPT is “basically high-tech plagiarism” and a “way to avoid learning”.

Chomsky also claimed that college students’ use of cutting-edge technology is an indication that “the education system is failing.”

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Chomsky made the comments on the EduKitchen YouTube channel, where he was asked to express his thoughts on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a chatbot that has caused quite a stir on the internet since it was first launched in November of the previous year.

“The college essay is a thing of the past. It’s a scam game in which a college student sends me an electronic file that, when opened, spills a jumble of words that the sender proposes as a finished job, presumably the result of a learning system. automatic. actually be much preferable. According to HT’s sister site Mint, Chomsky is quoted as saying that most technological disruptions leave a mix of positive and negative repercussions in their wake.

If the college essay is, as he put it, truly “unsalvageable”, then ChatGPT should consider replacing the essay with something “more fascinating”, if possible.

The 94-year-old went on to say that children will “find a way out” if the school system doesn’t engage them, doesn’t challenge them and doesn’t make them want to learn.

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Since its inception, the chatbot developed by OpenAI has, among other things, helped a student pass his college exam in just 20 minutes, and the bot itself has passed an exam at a law school in the United States. Students at a university in Bangalore, India, have been banned from using an artificial intelligence (AI) tool on campus in an effort to prevent them from using it for academic activities such as exams, lab tests and homework.

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According to major US media reports, ChatGPT has been banned from several public schools in New York City and Seattle. On the other hand, students at the French institution Sciences Po were told they risked being expelled from the institute, as well as from the education system in general, if they were found to be using the software.

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