Nothing To See Here, Just 2 Australians Chilling In A Hammock 70 Feet Above Ground

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Nothing To See Here, Just 2 Australians Chilling In A Hammock 70 Feet Above Ground

Disclaimer: Do not attempt the actions shown in the following video.

We often fantasise about doing something daring. One Australian sibling pair appears to have gone above and… above to make their fantasy a reality. Watch them have fun.

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Australian siblings chill 70 feet above ground in a hammock 

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Sam Simons, 23, and Ariana Simons, 19, hung up their hammocks between two boulders, 70 feet above the ground! In the now-viral video, the siblings can be seen swinging on their self-made bed. 

They went on a family vacation to South Wales, where they performed the stunt. So far, the post has received over 9,00,000 likes.

Sam Simons enjoys spending time outside with his friends and family. On Instagram, he posts clips of his daily trips, inspiring others to explore. Ariana Simons was lying in her swing in the popular video clip, while Sam Simons was setting one up for himself. 

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Sam later used his acrobatic abilities to sit on his self-made makeshift bed between the boulders. In the caption, the sibling describes it as the “best place” they have ever slept.

The stunt involved a lot of risk 

Siblings Chill In A Hammock Instagram Screengrab

Some individuals found the heart-pounding post fascinating, while others thought it was hazardous. According to one Instagram user, everything appears to be fun until one bad action. 

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“Please tell me these people were wearing safety harnesses,” one concerned user queried. While watching all of this, the duo stressed that all was done in accordance with proper safety requirements. “That rope is far too short!” 

Please use a thicker rope to support your hammock. I followed this other girl who had fallen off the cliff and was lucky to have survived. “Think about your loved ones, not just yourself,” one concerned user said. 

According to reports, the siblings stated that they were perched on the precipice of a 20-metre-high cliff. Sam Simons stated that if they dropped, they would land on a neighbouring rock before reaching the high precipice. He also stated that they had zipped themselves up with the net, making it impossible for them to fall. 

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