Numerology weekly horoscope from July 02 to July 08, 2023 Numerology is considered very important. Predictions are made based on the date of birth in numerology. Now that the new week has started, let us know from astrologer and tarot expert Pallavi AK Sharma what this week is going to be like in important areas like health professional education.

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Numerology weekly horoscope from July 02 to July 08, 2023 Numerology is considered very important.  Predictions are made based on the date of birth in numerology.  Now that the new week has started, let us know from astrologer and tarot expert Pallavi AK Sharma what this week is going to be like in important areas like health professional education.

New Delhi, Counter of Spirituality | Numerology Weekly Horoscope from July 02 to July 08, 2023: Numerology is considered very important in astrology. They are evaluated on the basis of the movement of the planets and constellations and the date of birth of the native. Now that the new week has started, let us know from astrologer and tarot expert Pallavi AK Sharma what this week is going to be like in important areas like career, health and education.

Radix 01 (date of birth 01, 10, 19 or 28)

Work: This week you will get satisfaction from the behavior of family members. You can try something new in life. There will be positive power communication in the mind and brain. The economic condition of entrepreneurs will be strong.

Health: By being connected to spiritual life, health related problems can be reduced. The medicine will have a favorable effect on health. Make comprehensive lifestyle and dietary changes. In general, the week will be pleasant.

Education: Associating with like-minded friends will help students better understand subjects. With hard work and motivation, the results can be better. Your morale will be high this week.

Relationship: This week the couple’s social circle may increase. This can create new opportunities for development and cooperation. All happiness will be received from the couple. You will be happy with this. This week you will love yourself more.

Radix 02 (Date of birth 2, 11, 20 or 29)

Work: Diligence, effort and a practical approach to work improve the situation. This week you will follow the correct routine and focus on long-term goals. Along with this, your financial situation will also be closely monitored. Business related people may have to go through a strange situation. To do this, pay full attention to your business operations. Have faith in your abilities.

Health: To stay healthy, special attention should be paid to health. This will improve health. Respect the words of your family and true friends. Follow the proper routine and take the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Education: Untiring efforts and dedication towards the goal will give the desired results. Be practical and avoid wasting time and money. Team up with friends to achieve goals.

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Relationship: You have to be a reliable and practical person. By doing this, your labors and efforts will be appreciated. A great time will be spent with family and loved ones.

Radix 03 (date of birth 03, 12, 21 or 30)

Work: Despite working in the right place, there may be complaints in the mind. Also, you can compare his work with that of your colleague. Trying to live life by going to the past can cause you mental problems. This will waste time. Therefore, focus on building the future by learning from the past.

Health: Things from the past will disappoint you. This will annoy you. At this moment, only one question will remain in the mind: why me? Do meditation to stay healthy. Also, you can take the help of an alternative treatment. Spend time motivating people.

Education: Use simple methods in studies. For this you can repeat childhood. Adopting simple methods can give better results. Getting a government job requires extraordinary effort.

Relationship: Remembering or thinking about things from the past in the present can distract you. Learn from the mistakes of the past and try to improve the future. Try to be innocent and spend time happily.

Radix 04 (date of birth 04, 13, 22 or 31)

Work: You may have mental stress this week. What you don’t currently have. Focus on that. Unnecessary expenses may increase this week. There will be a shortage of money because of this. The condition is temporary. So, have a thorough lifestyle discussion. People associated with business may have to face challenges. However, the financial position may falter.

Health: ‘What you sow, so you reap’… Be positive in life. Doctor force will cost time and money. You can use a new therapy to stay healthy. What is missing and how to improve? You can discuss on this matter.

Education: Unexpected situations can become a great challenge for some people. Evaluate the situation calmly. You will take advice from seniors and gurus. By the end of the week, you will feel that you can get love and affection from your loved ones.

Relationship: due to financial limitations, there may be differences with the spouse. Let’s support each other and avoid using negative language with each other. Take care of the values ​​of others and avoid reacting to everything.

Radix 05 (date of birth 05, 14 or 23)

Action: This week is going to be an action oriented week. You may also feel a little tired. People associated with business will have a clear vision in their mind to achieve the goals. For this, he will not hesitate to take the necessary measures.

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Health: Be careful with your health. Don’t be careless at all. Take the medication as per the doctor’s advice and take proper care of yourself. Make sure you can handle everything. Maintain a balance between heart and mind.

Education: This week you will be in the eyes of your supporters. So keep busy in your work and try to achieve your goal. You also have no choice. Strike a balance between speaking your mind and listening to the views of others. Your understanding will be appreciated.

Relationship: You will be very clear in the relationship. This can make you feel uncomfortable. To prove that you are right, you can make a thoughtful effort. Beware of any impractical partner work.

Radix 6 (date of birth 6, 15 or 24)

Work: You will be busy this week. For this, many challenges may need to be faced. You may find yourself at a crossroads. Be calm and careful when making any decision this week. Take help from the elderly. People linked to business may face a situation of temporary stagnation. Try to listen to your heart.

Health: Take care of your health. By being health conscious, you can lead a healthy life. Avoid taking anything lightly. Follow the doctor’s advice. Being negligent can have a negative effect on health. Try to calm your mind and have faith in your abilities.

Education: such a situation may arise this week. Where you can doubt yourself. To choose the path to follow, it is necessary to collect information and consider it. This can keep you busy. Have faith in your abilities.

Relationship: You can talk openly with your partner. Use kindness and compassion to resolve any unresolved issues or conflicts. Stay up to date and try to find a middle ground.

Radix 7 (date of birth 7, 16 or 25)

Work: This week you will be busy with work. Things that have been stuck for a long time will gain momentum. New opportunities will help you work better and achieve your goals. Entrepreneurs will use their communication to increase business.

Health: Health will improve this week. You can consult a doctor for health related problems. He will consider medicine and meditation. Exercise daily. How to improve health or what to do to stay healthy? Avoid googling these things.

Lesson: There is a need to get out of the comfort zone this week. There will be quick action on projects that have been stalled for a long time and the positive results of the works will also be visible. Information will be exchanged with teammates. Your efforts will be recognized.

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Relationship: New efforts can be made to improve the relationship. You can build new relationships with your loved ones. You must present emotional thoughts to strengthen the bond of love.

Radix 8 (date of birth 8, 17 or 26)

Work: This week will be auspicious for you. This week you will be satisfied with your earnings and with the work environment. A party can be organized for the celebration of success. Entrepreneurs will feel comfortable and proud of the support and success they get in life.

Health: Due to comprehensive improvement in lifestyle and eating habits, you can stay healthy. Practice a positive lifestyle to keep peace in life. Less medicine will bring peace.

Education: This week you will be satisfied with the achievements in life. You may decide to take time for self-reflection. Get comfortable with yourself and practice introspection.

Relationship: Your harmony with your spouse will be better. You can feel your sense of humor and understanding. You can dedicate time to yourself to take care of your relationship. This will bring sweetness in your relationship.

Number 9 (date of birth 9, 18 or 27)

Work: This week you may feel that something is not happening according to your desire. So you will introspect what is happening to you. Entrepreneurs can hire new people for business growth.

Health: Aches and pains can be experienced due to excessive stress and neglect of health. This week, along with the treatment, you will also plan a vacation with the family members. Meditation and letting go can be helpful.

Education: You can take the help of others to complete the tasks on time. To enhance your talent, you can pay attention to new possibilities. You can enroll in new courses this week.

Relationship: This week you may feel like you need someone’s sympathy. You will try to understand your partner’s situation from her point of view. Compassion and connection will deepen the relationship. Being a good listener will help you interact and improve relationships with your loved ones.

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