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OpenAI has indicated that it will soon introduce a paid version of the popular chatbot, ChatGPT, for professionals. ChatGPT is a conversational dialog model, trained by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to understand and respond to natural human language.

Why ChatGPT Professional?

OpenAI has announced on its own Discord channel that it is accepting signups for a waiting list for “ChatGPT Professional,” the company’s experimental premium ChatGPT offering. With ChatGPT already having over a million members as of early December, OpenAI needed to find a means to generate cash to support its ongoing development and maintenance. One way to do this is to monetize ChatGPT by offering a ‘Pro’ edition, which would allow OpenAI to do so.

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According to Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, the running costs of ChatGPT are “mind-boggling,” which equates to a few cents per chat in total compute costs (ChatGPT is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud). This information was revealed by TechCrunch. Additionally, OpenAI is under pressure to make a profit on ChatGPT in anticipation of an alleged $10 billion investment by Microsoft.

Benefits of ChatGPT Professional

During its testing phase, ChatGPT for professionals is designed for professional use by:

  • Always at hand (no opaque windows)
  • ChatGPT is fast responsive and doesn’t slow down.
  • You can send as many messages as you want, and at least twice the normal daily limit.

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How to access ChatGPT Professional?

You can go to the OpenAI website to sign up for professional access to ChatGPT. If chosen, OpenAI will contact you to set up a pilot and payment method. However, the company says the program is an experiment and could change. Also, no one knows when the public will be able to buy this paid “Pro” version.

OpenAI plans to generate $200 million in sales next year and has set goals to generate $1 billion in sales over the same time period. When the pro paid version of ChatGPT is available to everyone, we will let you know more.

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