Optical Illusion Challenge: You Have High IQ If You Can Spot The Woman In Less Than 4 Seconds

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Optical Illusion Challenge: You Have High IQ If You Can Spot The Woman In Less Than 4 Seconds

A recent optical illusion suggesting a link between a high IQ and how quickly you spot the hidden woman has generated a lot of buzz online. But is this claim supported by science or is it just another viral thing on the internet? Let’s investigate.

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Spot The Woman Hiding In This Optical Illusion

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Many people notice the ‘spooktacular’ trees first, bending toward one another and urging the viewer to focus on the centre of the picture. With a focus on spatial reasoning intelligence, you may have a high IQ if you can locate the second image in less than four seconds.

Keep going if it takes time. It is still worthwhile to search, even if you do not find it in four seconds. Try a few different methods to see the image and see if you can identify it; once you do, you cannot unsee it.

Keep the image far from your eyes so your brain can fully comprehend its content. Try to look at the picture as a whole and avoid concentrating on any one of the trees’ details. Instead of staring at the centre of the image, scan the outline.

Answer Revealed Here!

Instead of her climbing among the branches, the trees create the impression of a woman with her back to the observer, her hair in an updo, and her eyes slightly turned to the ground and back over her shoulder.

Look at the left side of the picture for more clues. 

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That’s where her face’s outline is shown, and most of her hair is made up of the tree branches on the right. Starting at the bottom of the picture, the woman’s shoulders meet her neck.

It can take some practice to get the hang of illusions, but increasing your daily perception might help you become more flexible in your thinking and perception.

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