Paradzai Mesi Arrested: Sungura Musician Charged With Stealing Groceries

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Paradzai Mesi Arrested: Sungura Musician Charged With Stealing Groceries

A video is going viral on social media and drawing a lot of attention. However, the content shown in the video is not erotic or related to any type of sexual activity. In fact, it shows a robbery that occurred at a grocery store. This news is now all over social media and people are making memes about it which makes others get deeper details. The detainee, in this case, is identified as the Sungura musician Paradzai Mesi. He is the leader of the famous Sungura musician or band called “Njerama Boys”. His fans are totally shocked by this news and find it hard to accept that his role model is a thief who used to steal food from grocery stores.

Paradzai Mesi arrested

It might sound funny, but it’s actually serious business and food for thought about how a famous person can steal something, especially at the grocery store. He was reportedly arrested on Wednesday, April 19, 2023. He was reportedly stealing groceries from a store located in Glendale-based Henstone Farm. According to the local report, Mesi was having his drink at the local bar and ended up going to the store where he was reportedly caught stealing groceries. In addition to this, many people have observed it.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, the musician was drunk and badly influenced some of his friends to steal. Witnesses stated that “Baba Paradzai Mesi vanoti havasi mbavha zvachose. He is not a thief at all. He was just drunk and his friends pushed him to do it ”. However, don’t forget that, despite being popular, Mesi has gone through a difficult period in which he has faced personal and financial challenges in recent years, which have affected his reputation and his musical career. He has been accused of neglecting or ignoring his family and not paying his gang members. Not only this, but he has also faced challenges releasing new albums and performing at shows due to lack of support and resources.

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Mesi is basically a veteran sungura musician who has created hits and popular songs in the 90s, such as “Chikwama Changu”, “Nhamo Moto”, and “Mukoma Ngito”. The musician is also a mentor to other successful and successful artists, for example, Alick Macheso. Grocery robbery video is available to watch online and still, people are turning it into a hot news item. To know more just keep visiting here.

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