Pegasus Spyware: How to know if your phone has been spied on or hacked?

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Pegasus Spyware

Now that the Israeli-made Pegasus spyware program has once again brought attention to concerns about mobile phone spying, it’s time to find out if your phone contains spyware.

While Pegasus spyware is unlikely to spy on you, there are other hackers, spyware, and apps that may try to steal financial and personal information, reports Gadgets Now.

These are the signs that you are being followed or that your phone has been hacked.

The phone battery discharges abnormally fast

If your phone battery is draining very recklessly, it might be caused by malware and fake apps that use malicious code. First, check the number of apps running in the background, close the ones you don’t need, and then check if the issue still occurs.

Pegasus Spyware: Apps You Wouldn’t Recognize

If you see apps on your smartphone that you haven’t downloaded or recognized, it may be the work of a hacker or spyware.

The phone is too slow.

If you notice that your smartphone is suddenly running very slowly and consuming more battery, there might be malware running in the background.

Increase in the use of mobile data

If you notice that your data usage is suddenly higher than normal, it may be caused by apps or malware consuming mobile data in the background and monitoring your activities.

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The phone behaves strangely.

If your smartphone is behaving strangely, for example if apps suddenly won’t load or crash, this can be another warning sign.

strange popup notes

This type of malware works by generating too many pop-ups on devices. If you notice something like this, it may be adware. Always avoid clicking on these ads.

Find unrecognized photos and videos in gallery

If you see photos and videos in your photo gallery that you don’t recognize, you should be alert as someone may be monitoring your device remotely.

The flash turns on when the phone is not in use

If you notice the flash coming on even when you’re not using your phone, this may be another sign that someone is remotely monitoring your device.

The phone gets hot when not in use

If your phone gets really hot, even when you’re not using it, hackers are probably on the prowl.

Log of unrecognized text messages or calls

If you see messages or calls in your address book that you haven’t sent or made, and usually those that contain unusual symbols, be alert.

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