Practical applications of artificial intelligence in the world of the New Age

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Artificial intelligence

‘Artificial intelligence’ has probably become the most widely used oxymoron in the context of modern technology. Before Asimov’s period, ordinary people wouldn’t even have thought to put these two words together that might not have relevance together. However, today, artificial intelligence is transforming many everyday aspects even without us knowing the depth of the impact it is creating.

We can give many examples of how artificial intelligence is transforming our perspective on the world, processes, both at the consumer and business level.

Let’s take a look at the four main areas of impact where artificial intelligence has resulted in a massive paradigm shift.


Chatbots are probably the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about artificial intelligence. Most of the time, support inquiries, or at least, the first interactions when it comes to support for products and services revolve around monotonous questions. In fact, it’s more of a data collection and authentication exercise than figuring out where exactly the problem lies.

On top of that, there are also cases where customers having a fit of impulsive anger don’t take the time and effort to review the support documentation. Taking all these parameters into account, chatbots would be the most ideal solution to address customer service.

In the long run, the AI ​​engine may well be able to learn support inquiries and how their human counterparts handle them. It could even result in the whole problem being tackled by artificial intelligence.

Creative writing

We have little but imagined a time when ‘creative’ and ‘artificial’ would find their appearance in the same sentence. However, it is undeniable that today, artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of creative writing and journalism.

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Thanks to an innovation called natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence understands language as a mode of communication rather than an aggregation of words with syntax and grammar. This means that AI is becoming more suitable for conversation and communication, which makes it completely ideal for creating your own content.

Sometimes in the world of journalism, most of the news can depend on facts and figures, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be sensational. The best example would be minor league baseball. It’s not as famous as the big leagues, but it still enjoys a following that wants to know nothing more than the scores and the players.

This is where the relevance of artificial intelligence, NLP and artificial creative writing comes into play. AI can take it upon itself to deliver the news in a way that it was written by the human intellect.

Speech recognition

Talking is one of humanity’s most natural talents. In fact, it is one of the biggest distinguishing factors between us and all other species. However, it may not be the same for humans when it comes to interacting with machines.

The fact that we have to write complex code for applications and that we have to go through processes that require a lot of typing for a lot of technical work is a clear sign that there is a big gap to fill between human communication and the way they communicate. that machines understand.

It seemed impossible until artificial intelligence came into play. Today, we see many collaborations between AI and human interaction. Remember that the next time you propose to Siri or ask Alexa on a date, you’ll be interacting with a manifestation of artificial intelligence when it comes to voice recognition.

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Voice recognition also enters voice typing. It would be interesting for all of you to note that even this article was entirely voice-written!

Productivity improvement

Productivity has been a major concern for many companies, not because they can’t kill it, but rather because the people who put in the effort need to be recognized and rewarded. There are many monotonous processes involved in making the workday happen. Some of them include confirmation emails and others include running a common process to generate a report.

With artificial intelligence, there are many processes that can be automated. While automation doesn’t sound all that exciting, it would be even more accurate to say that they can be intelligently automated. For example, email replies can also be suggested based on the sender and your conversation history with them. Certain pockets and report parameters can be highlighted based on any data discrepancies or pattern anomalies.

This ensures that the humdrum part of human intelligence is taken care of effectively and efficiently, and also with zero chance of error or missing.

The future!

It may not be an exaggeration to say that the future is already here when it comes to artificial intelligence! However, it depends on our lifestyle and processes to catch up with the capabilities of AI. Tech giants, corporate leviathans, and even mobile app development companies should take note of the possibilities of artificial intelligence and make sure it is applied in the future, which is a bit far away for the common man, but! so close for development companies!

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