Quebec Murder Suicide: 2 Children Killed By Father In Apparent, Quebec Police Say

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Quebec Murder Suicide

Breaking News: News has come out on the internet that the Quebec man was arrested. This news is one of the most shocking news of current time. He was arrested in the case of harassing his spouse just days before killing their children. Yes, you read it right. He has just killed his little children. He liked his two little sons not just his kids After killing his sons he took his own life. This accident occurred on 26th August 2023, Saturday. The people who read this news were left stunned and now there is new shocking news which claims that he was arrested just a few days ago as he harassed his wife. Now everyone is curious to know why he committed suicide and why he killed his children too. This is one of the most mysterious cases of the current time.

Quebec Murder-Suicide

There is an inside news that the harassing news is exactly what he used to track her wife and she didn’t know about that. Because of this act by the Quebac man, he was arrested. Then after some days, he killed his two sons and himself. The age of the son is being said as they were just three years old twins. He and his two sons were found dead at their residence which is located in Patrick Street.

Quebec Murder Suicide

The Quebec man and his two sons were found dead at around 2:00 p.m. on 26th August 2023, Saturday. Till now the police have not disclosed the exact nature of the death. They have officially claimed this case as a double murder-suicide. The neighbor claimed that she heard a screaming sound from the house. The name of the neighbor is Nathalie Taylor. She gave this statement on 27th August 2023, Sunday. She also said that she heard some screaming like she never heard in her whole life. She knew that there was something bad happening in that house. She further added, that her family is a very low-key family so she said that she doesn’t meet the family of Quibic man on a daily basis. They used to look very busy every day so they don’t use to come in the eyes of them.

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The Quebec man was the founder and president of the company Kevlar Cybersecurity. He had a great experience and background in the field of IT and cybersecurity, according to his LinkedIn account. Currently, this case is being investigated under the Surete Quebec major crimes unit.

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