Resourceful woman recovers glasses from a curious monkey, the Internet applauds her intelligence

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A quick-thinking woman outsmarted a playful monkey and successfully retrieved a man’s glasses in a nice moment caught on camera. Capturing the attention of viewers online, the cunning ploy showcases the woman’s skill and ingenuity in a hilarious war of wits. The video that has gone viral on social media shows an amazing interaction between the woman and the mischievous monkey.

The viral video serves as a reminder of the remarkable interactions of humans with wildlife. While monkeys are known for their curiosity and playful temperament, they can also wreak havoc and steal items from unsuspecting people. However, this woman’s experience highlights the power of human inventiveness in dealing with such situations.

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Witty woman retrieves glasses from monkey

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‘Animal Festiva’ has shared the video on his Instagram account with the caption “☀️ SNATCH & GRAB 🤣🙊”. The video shows a man wearing glasses walking up a flight of stairs. However, a neighboring monkey quickly steals the man’s glasses and runs to the corner of the stairs. As the animal struggles to figure out how to use its newly stolen item, a woman comes in from the side and hands the monkey some fruits.

The monkey quickly forgets about the glasses and focuses on the fruits. Within seconds, the woman hands the glasses back to the man.

Internet laughs as a woman retrieves a monkey's glassesInstagram/animalfestive

In an era where viral videos often capture unexpected or hilarious events, this incident stands out for its positive and uplifting tone. It is a testament to the resilience and innovation of people when faced with unforeseen obstacles, drawing praise from the public.

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Let’s see how Instagram reacted:

It’s been a little while since the video was shared on social media and so far, it has garnered more than 21 million views, 1.2 million likes, and mixed reactions from people; some praised the woman, while others only question her. But let’s read what everyone says:

One user commented: “But the real hustler is the lady. She made a trade with the animal and now she will demand a trade with the owner.” The next person said: “Girls have less brains, where are those who make comments like that today?” Another person commented: “We had the same experience in the same place.”

Internet laughs as a woman retrieves a monkey's glassesInstagram/animalfestive

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