Reveal detail of Riana Pretorius’s boyfriend: Woman kidnapped in Port Elizabeth

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Riana Pretorius

Riana Pretorius was kidnapped outside a doctor’s office in Newton Park, Gqeberha. This incident occurred on March 16, 2023, Thursday at 8 am. Local eyewitnesses told police that she was forced into a white Toyota Corolla. This news is going viral all over the internet. Now, people are very interested in knowing what is going on in this case. And people also want to know if Riana Pretorius’s boyfriend had anything to do with her disappearance. This is a very serious crime. So, read the full article for more details on this case.

Who is Riana Pretorius’s boyfriend?

Riana Pretious was a medical student and used to work at a doctor’s office where she was kidnapped. This incident occurred in Nelson Mandela Bay when she was abducted outside a doctor’s office in Newton Park. The police arrested two people to inspect the kidnapping of Riana Pretorius. An eyewitness has also said that a suspect was along with a weapon. Police are still finding a third suspect who has more information. The same type of incident happens a long time in many parts of South Africa. The South African government should take steps to prevent such crimes. These crimes must stop.

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Riana Pretorius’s boyfriend is in the spotlight. The police have a big question about his boyfriend. And a lot of people think that he has some connection to his kidnapping. The name of her boyfriend is not revealed so far. Everyone is looking for more information about Pretorius’s boyfriend. But there are rumors that he has a connection to this case. There is no news about their relationship and the police are also calling for these rumors to be stopped. The police say they are doing their job so please don’t spread fake news. The police say that they will investigate all the people who are related to this case. Like that girl was kidnapped outside Newton Medical Center.

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riana praetorian

Local law enforcement agencies hope to find Pretorius and will find her safe and reunite with her family soon. A law enforcement agency in South Africa says ransom demands of two million rand have a connection to the Pretorius kidnapping. Her family and her friends are both worried about her. and the police are taking all measures to find her. And we all hope that Pretorius finds and meets her family soon. We will inform you of everything related to this case. So stay tuned with us.

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