Revealing the mystery of Kolkata’s viral Roshogolla

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Revealing the mystery of Kolkata's viral Roshogolla

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, has a rich culinary history that reflects its diverse cultural influences. The city’s food history is shaped by a mix of Bengali cuisine, British colonial influences, and contributions from various immigrant communities.

Bengali food is characterized by its emphasis on fresh ingredients, subtle flavors, and the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. But the internet always has something different in mind with strange food combinations. This time it’s roshogolla roll.

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Weird Roshogolla Roll Goes Viral

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The internet is no stranger to weird concoctions and cuisines created by combining two completely different things. People sometimes get upset after watching the videos because the dishes are so weird.

If you follow Instagram, you’ve probably seen a video showing the roshogolla roll. Before you walk away at the prospect of how someone has murdered the wondrous gift, let us reassure you that it is not what it appears to be.

roshogolla rollinstagram screenshot

The video begins with a street vendor doing the roll. He starts by making a sauce with roshogollas. The man fills the roll with the stuffing and covers it with mayonnaise after cooking the paratha and sautéing some vegetables.

This is what it really is

The post has received more than 108k views and several comments. However, there is a catch. One Instagram user rushed to the comments area to explain what the roll consists of.

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One man suggested, “This is paneer kofta, which is called roshogolla. Don’t panic guys.”

One lady added: “If they keep the name as chanar roll because it’s made of it (instead of roshogolla roll because just because it looks like roshogolla) it will do justice to the roll name like it sounds weird even though it doesn’t taste weird.”

roshogolla rollinstagram screenshot

One man cleared up the confusion, writing: “Hello everyone. I personally tasted this roll for this video and it almost tastes like a paneer roll we usually eat. They are using chanar kofta like Roshogolla which is not sweet at all. This place just called it Roshogolla Roll just because these koftas look like Mini Roshogolla.”

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