Rickshaw Puller's Fluent English Speaking Skills

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Rickshaw Puller's Fluent English Speaking Skills

The Internet never ceases to astonish us. While it can make us giggle uncontrollably at times, it can also make us recognize how vital certain parts of life are. 

It is also a forum for people to demonstrate their talents. Many Internet users from impoverished backgrounds are leveraging the power of the internet to showcase their skills in a variety of professions. 

When we come across such footage while scrolling through our internet feeds, it serves as a stark reminder that if given the opportunity, these disadvantaged people may have accomplished much more. 

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Rickshaw puller speaking fluent english is making rounds on the internet 

Rickshaw Puller
A viral video of a rickshaw worker speaking flawless English to tourists at Delhi’s Jama Masjid | Image: X

A viral video of a rickshaw worker speaking flawless English to tourists at Delhi’s Jama Masjid supports a similar viewpoint.

In a now-viral video circulating on X (previously Twitter), a rickshaw puller can be seen speaking English to an elderly tourist couple from the UK. The couple was in Delhi to see Jama Masjid, one of the city’s most prominent mosques. 

They sat on the rickshaw and listened patiently to the rickshaw puller as he explained the religious site in detail. 

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The rickshaw puller educated the tourists about Jama Masjid and Old Delhi 

The young man was heard discussing how Jama Masjid is one of India’s largest mosques, with “narrow” passageways. He encouraged the tourists to snap pictures and shop as much as they wished.

Rickshaw Puller
The young man was heard discussing about Jama Masjid and OId Delhi | Image: X

The rickshaw driver also told the pair about the area’s famous Spice Market, which is filled with businesses offering a wide range of Indian spices. He instructed them to roam about the region and photograph the surroundings.

The rickshaw puller referred to his vehicle as a “helicopter” and concluded that once they had explored the area, they may return to the rickshaw. Every word the man said was in clear English. 

Although he divided his words into smaller chunks, his clarity, fluidity, and comprehensibility were absolutely admirable. 

People on the internet were left amazed 

X users praised the rickshaw puller’s English skills. According to one report, “If I had known this, today I too would have been answering the British in their own language.” A user said, “Very beautiful.” 

Check out the video here.

भाई की इंग्लिश सुनिए भाई को फेमस करो pic.twitter.com/LuFyFVywV0

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