Roderick Jackson, National Grid Worker Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash In Walthan

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Roderick Jackson

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Roderick Jackson Was Killed In Crash

On December 3, 2023, beloved husband, father, and friend Roderick Jackson, a well-known journalist, author, and activist, tragically passed away at the age of 52. Throughout his illustrious career, Jackson devoted himself wholeheartedly to exposing injustice and promoting human rights. His abrupt departure has left a huge vacuum that his family, coworkers, and readers have all expressed great sadness over. Jackson was a man of courage, steadfast integrity, and infinite compassion, and those who had the honour of knowing him grieve his passing. His influence is felt in the lives he touched as much as in the words he wrote, igniting a shared appreciation for his unwavering dedication to social justice.

Roderick Jackson

The outpouring of honours only serves to highlight Roderick Jackson’s legacy and the lasting impact he had on the fields of activism, literature, and journalism. There is a gap in the world from his sudden death, but those who appreciated his significant contributions to the quest for a more compassionate and just world will never forget him. Roderick Jackson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 15, 1971. His life was influenced by his loving family, who gave him a strong sense of social duty and a passion for literature. He earned a journalism degree from Morehouse College in 1993.

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Following graduation, he started a renowned career writing for esteemed magazines like The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Jackson wrote influential books including “The Truth Behind the Lies: Exposing Corruption and Abuse of Power in America” and “Voices of the Oppressed: Stories of Resistance and Hope from Around the World,” among other works of literature that went beyond journalism. He received recognition for his investigative skills throughout his career and was honoured with multiple honours for his persistent efforts to bring important topics to light. An ardent supporter of human rights, Jackson supported issues including press freedom, environmental preservation, and racial fairness.

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