Rome Ga Murder Suicide Case: Rome police investigate Chick-fil-A drive-thru

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Rome Ga Murder Suicide

No one can deny that they do not watch movies. Whether it is children or old people, everyone loves to watch movies, the choice of watching movies may be different, but most people spend most of their time watching movies. That is why they usually consult the reviews of the latest released movies to be able to decide if they want to see them or not. Some movies have good stories but still get low reviews and that is why it is better to watch the movies on your own before judging them just by listening to others’ reviews. One such movie is set to be re-released for a grand opening despite receiving poor reviews.

Cassie Davis (supplied)

Rome Ga Murder Suicide

Yes, you are assuming that you are right, we are talking about the movie “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”. The Nintendo-based film from Universal and Illumination has been praised for its wonderful visuals. Still, this movie has not met the expectations of critics or critics. As of Wednesday afternoon, April 5, 2023, the film has garnered a 54% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from around 121 reviews. According to critics, the feature relies heavily on sequences that are lifted directly from the video games it is based on and skips character development.

Aside from that, they also lamented what they considered to be bad jokes and a voice cast that seemed to be drawing attention. On the other hand, from the audience side, this movie responded very well with over 100 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes direction. to an audience score of 98%. Box office analysts do not anticipate negative reviews that will deter audiences, especially families, from venturing to theaters to see this film, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.”

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Rome Ga Murder SuicideCassie Davis (supplied)

Reports indicate that the film is expected to become the highest-opening video game adaptation at the domestic box office, surpassing “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” which earned around $72 million at the time of its 2022 debut. Currently, predictors call for this latest released movie to earn more than $100 million for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and more than $150 million for the full 5-day run starting Wednesday, April 5, 2023, according to BoxOffice. Com.

The film’s plot centers on Luigi and Mario, brothers who hail from Brooklyn and want to start their own independent plumbing business, run by their complaining father. Moviegoers get a brief taste of what it would have been like to have Charlie Day (playing the role of Luigi) and Chris Pratt (playing the role of Mario) doing over-the-top Italian accents as part of excessive TV promotion for their business. .

The overflow of any emotion can be dangerous, particularly the emotions of jealousy. This kind of emotion mainly harms the person and people he is jealous of, and sometimes leads to serious crimes. In this article we will talk about a crime that happened due to jealousy and not only 1 but 2 crimes are related to it. People are very interested in learning about this story and the crime that is currently the talk of the town. The Rome police department is reportedly investigating an apparent murder-suicide that occurred near Chick-fil-A on Shorter Avenue in Rome.

During the investigation, the police learn some interesting facts that help them understand the entire scene of the incident. The report states that the incident occurred in the restaurant’s parking lot on Wednesday, April 5, 2023. The Rome Police Department was alerted to the incident that occurred outside the restaurant on Shorter Avenue at around 07:00 a.m. The alleged killer was identified as Anthony Wayne, 56, and the victim was identified as 39-year-old Cassie Lashae Davis. As stated by the police, the duo were in a “domestic relationship”.

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Police further added that the shooter shot the victim while she was inside her car. After killing her, the suspect took her life with the same weapon he used to kill Davis.” The official statement mentioned that the crime “was not related to Chick-fil-A but occurred on the property of the restaurant.” Deputy Coroner Chris Giles spoke to the news outlet and claims that the 3-round shot was found in the victim’s body. This incident has stirred up the nearby area and people are quite shocked and stunned by this incident. People are sending their condolences to the victim’s family and seeking to know the motive behind the murder.

A news outlet spoke to the devastated family of the lady who was shot to death in the drive-thru. The victim was the mother of 7 children. The victim’s mother, Kathie Walters, claims that she “was a kind person who always helped others.” Her mother still can’t buy the fact that her daughter no longer exists. Her family described her daughter’s killer as a jealous ex-boyfriend. Walters states that “Anthony just wouldn’t leave her alone. That’s something he told me yesterday (a day before her murder), that he always followed her wherever she went.”

His family is completely devastated by his death and couldn’t stomach the fact that he no longer exists. The cops make it clear that the restaurant had nothing to do with this horrible incident and that the victim was only there for breakfast.

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