Ruby Hoshino’s Death: What Happened To The Oshi No Ko Characters Ruby Hoshino’s Eye Color?

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Ruby Hoshino Death

In this article, we are going to share very sad and shocking news. The most famous character from the Oshi no Ko manga series, Ruby Hoshino, has passed away. This news has destroyed the entire internet. Her fans are very devastated after hearing the news of her passing. Now netizens are very curious about her and want to know about her cause of death. Here we are going to share all the information about her. So, read the full article to know everything about Ruby’s disappearance. So let’s continue this article now.

Ruby Hoshino’s death

A fatal disease was the cause of Ruby Hoshino’s untimely death. In the manga series Oshi no Ko, Ruby, also known as Sarina Tendoji in a previous life, had a key role as a deuteragonist and one of the namesake characters. Gorou Amamiya attended to Sarina, a patient who was battling a terminal illness before passing away. Because Ai became Ruby’s new mother and taught her how to become an idol from a young age, Ruby, who had been mistreated by her parents in her previous life, found solace and pleasure in Ruby’s new life. she.

Hoshino ruby ​​eye color

What happened to the Ruby Hoshino eye color of the Oshi No Ko characters?

Your eyes are ruby colorwhich her mother named her after, and she usually wears an idol outfit.

Hoshino Ruby

Hoshino ruby ​​eye color

The main protagonist and co-title character of the Oshi no Ko manga series is Ruby Hoshino, who is also known as the deuteragonist. She battled a terminal illness and received care from Gorou Amamiya. Her previous name was Sarina Tendoji. After she died, she was reborn as Ai Hoshino, the idol she had always looked up to. She found solace and adoration in her new existence as her idol-turned-mother cared for her and taught her how to be an idol. Ruby and her identical brother persevered through a tragic setback and brought back her mother’s former idol group. She works hard to achieve her goals and succeed with the help of her friends.

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Ruby Hoshino, formerly known as Sarina, emotionally flashes back to memories of Gorou as her hospital patient as she battles anaplastic astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer. Gorou assumes the responsibilities of her doctor and caretaker because her parents are busy and cannot be by her side, developing a strong bond with the young woman. Sarina introduces Gorou to B-Komachi, the charismatic idol group led by Ai Hoshino, while they are together. B-Komachi is Sarina’s favorite idol group. So this was it for this article. We will all miss her forever. May her soul rest in peace.

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