Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review: Key features, specs and price

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review

For the rest, One UI 5.1 arrives loaded with news. Expert RAW is now integrated into the camera app, as we’ll detail later. The gallery also has improvements, such as extracting content from photos with a single click (is that you, iOS?). The metadata of the images is more complete than ever (something relevant to know in which path the contents are), and we have improvements in the weather app, cleaner settings, etc.

We liked this interpretation of a user interface. It’s still a heavy and resource-hungry ROM, but with this processor and 12GB of RAM, it’s not a big deal. We want Samsung to move towards a cleaner system, but the average enterprise buyer will probably demand a ROM full of options.


ISOCELL HP This is the absolute protagonist of the photographic section: the new camera sensor that arrives to improve the results of a Samsung that got a good grade in our great photographic comparison, thanks above all to its zoom, but which was left behind in the rest. points.

Main camera: 200 megapixel (1/1.3″) sensor, phase detection autofocus, 23mm equivalent, optical stabilization, laser focus, f/1.7 aperture value, 0.6m photodiodes .

Ultra wide angle: 12 megapixel sensor, Dual Pixel technology, autofocus, 13mm equivalent, f/2.2 aperture value and 1.4m photodiodes.

Telephoto lens 1: 10-megapixel sensor, Dual Pixel technology, autofocus, 3x optical zoom, 69mm equivalent, optical stabilization, f/2.4 aperture value, and 1.12m photodiodes.

Telephoto lens 2: 10 megapixels, Dual Pixel technology, autofocus, 10x optical zoom, 230mm equivalent, optical stabilization, f/4.9 aperture value, and 1.12m photodiodes.

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Except for the primary sensor, the rest of the sensors are identical. However, we already anticipate that photography is not the same since hardware is not the only thing that determines the behavior of a camera. But first, let’s go over the application.

The interface is identical to last year, with the modes carousel at the bottom, optional settings at the top, and no Google Lens integration, something we don’t fully understand as Google is one of their main partners, Samsung. One of the changes in this generation is that Expert RAW is now integrated into the camera interface.

The app continues to be downloaded from the Samsung store, but we can invoke it from the advanced menu. This is the app to make the most of the Samsung sensor, although later we will talk about the differences between shooting in Expert RAW and shooting in Pro mode.

The main problem with this camera app is that Samsung still does not implement HDR in preview despite having integrated the new Qualcomm ISP, the best processor and a lot of capacity. We won’t know if a photo is burnt until the gallery processes it. Only Google and Apple are committed to showing a realistic preview, where we see what the skies and lights will look like when shooting.


RAM/Storage US price uk price indian price
8/256GB $1,199.99 £1,249 $124,999
12/512GB $1,379.99 £1,399 $134,999
12/1TB $1,619.99 £1,599 $154,999

Battery duration

The 2022 model and the Samsung S23 Ultra feature batteries with a capacity of 5,000 milliampere-hours (mAh), making the batteries of both smartphones virtually interchangeable. On the other hand, Samsung claims that the Galaxy S3 Ultra is 20% more energy efficient than its predecessor due to improvements made to both hardware and software integration, allowing it to extend the life of the same battery.

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The S23 Ultra ticks all the boxes for a phone considered the ultimate luxury, so it’s hard to recommend it. It has an impressive screen, a solid build, and more power than you could ever use in your life. Unfortunately, with prices starting at $1,200, it’s quite expensive and not a significant improvement on the product sold the previous year. With its new 200MP sensor, I have no doubt that you can shoot movies on a par with those produced in Hollywood. However, it’s essential to remember that even with Samsung’s announcements, we’re dealing with a team with years of experience, not to mention additional gear like external microphones, camera cages, gimbals, and a variety of other gadgets. The S23 Ultra’s camera offers a lot of untapped potential, but for those features to shine, you need more than just a passing familiarity with them.

For those unsure if they should sell their current phone after just one year, consider the following: No, it’s not worth the effort. If you just want a premium tablet and don’t mind being able to take notes with a stylus, then the Pixel 7 Pro might be a better value for you. However, if you already have an older phone and are looking for a significant upgrade, the S23 Ultra is unlike any other Android phone currently available. And with its fancy new sensor, Samsung’s 2018 flagship might be the closest thing to a pro-grade camera on a phone, as long as you’re prepared to polish your content in post-production. However, this only applies if you are willing to spend more money on the phone.

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