See: Hairdresser shaves head in solidarity with mother fighting cancer, colleagues join in too

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See: Hairdresser shaves head in solidarity with mother fighting cancer, colleagues join in too

The fight against cancer can be a long and arduous journey. The days of the sick are plagued with despair and hate with a heavy dose of medication and treatment. However, combating this affliction becomes easier when patients surround themselves with people who love and care for them.

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Hairdressers show their support for mothers fighting cancer by shaving their heads

Baber volunteers to shave a cancer patient's headTwitter

A video that took the internet by storm shows how even strangers can show support for people fighting cancer. A hairdresser was working on a mother’s hair. She was battling cancer and was therefore in the salon to get her head shaved. Many cancer patients fighting the disease prefer to shave their heads before starting chemotherapy, which encourages severe hair loss.

So, according to the procedure, the mother was having her head cut off. The moment was clearly emotional for her mother. The barber working on the woman’s hair decided to contribute and show her support for the lady by shaving her own hair.

Seeing the hairdresser’s touching support for the mother, her colleagues stepped in and offered their own heads to clean her up. First, a colleague from the back approaches, as he still holds a mop in his hands. Next, a barber working with another client next to the lady lowers his head to shave.

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Seeing the barber’s support, the mother began to cry

Cancer patient cries as hairdressers shave her headTwitter

For the third volunteer, the mother sitting in her chair, seeing the employees approaching, begins to cry and wipes her eyes. The video was uploaded to Twitter and quickly went viral, as the caption explained: “NOBODY FIGHTS ALONE. This barber shaves his head in solidarity with his mother battling cancer. If that wasn’t emotional enough, his friends and colleagues of work unite”. he walks in and surprises her too.”

NOBODY FIGHTS ALONEThis barber shaves his head in solidarity with his mother who is fighting cancer. If that wasn’t emotional enough, her friends and coworkers join in and surprise her too. 😭😭😭 (🎥:guido.magalhaes)

—GoodNewsMovement (@GoodNewsMVT) May 9, 2023

People on the internet were moved by the barbers’ attempt and their support for the mother fighting cancer. The video garnered more than a million views on the platform as people rallied to applaud the hairdressers.

One user commented: “Beautiful souls!”

beautiful souls!

— teresa harvey (@ibereesecup) May 9, 2023

While another cried: “I cry to see this healing collaboration of LOVE.”

I cry when I see this healing collaboration of LOVE 🙏❤️

—TFD (@TonytoyouTfd) May 9, 2023

A partner was completely speechless: “There are no words.”

There are no words.

—Michael Shea (@Michael54396539) May 9, 2023

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