'Sharam Naam Ki Cheese… Ab Hai!' Amul Packs Wit And Humour In This Special Packet

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'Sharam Naam Ki Cheese... Ab Hai!' Amul Packs Wit And Humour In This Special Packet

Amul, the well-known dairy company renowned for its creative and frequently humorous advertising, has returned to the spotlight with its newest offering, “sharam” cheese. 

Amul promises an experience that goes above and beyond the typical with every slice, introducing a distinct blend of comedy in addition to a delicious and creamy texture. 

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Who Launched The New Cheese?

Amul, well-known for its creamy cheeses and buttery spreads, launched “sharam,” a new “type” of cheese.  

What Is Unique About It?

Sharam naam ki bhi koi cheese hoti hai! pic.twitter.com/hiuqU84SXh

— Ankit Sawant (@SatanAtWink) December 19, 2023

Let’s clear the air before you run to amend your grocery list. “Sharam” cheese only exists in the realm of artificial intelligence-generated memes and sardonic online humour. 

The idea is based on the widely used desi expression “sharam naam ki cheez nahi hai” (not having any shame), which is frequently used by irate moms to chastise their kids for doing things like waking up at 11 a.m. instead of 7 a.m. or doing other such “atrocities.” 

Credit: Twitter

This sentence has been personified as an imagined cheese in a whimsical twist, which has caused a swarm of memes and jokes to appear on social media. 

Although sharam cheese is merely a product of digital imagination, the hype it generated is genuine. 

Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt to have some “sharam” in our refrigerator.

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How Did The Internet React?

Picture this: a block of Amul sharam cheese covertly watching you while you dig in for a late-night snack while it sits in your refrigerator. 

Not one person on social media held back, one joking that it’s the “favorite snack of Indian moms” and another reflecting on the experience of “eating this at 3 am over the sink.” 

When he sang “Tu cheese baDi hai masth 🎶”, Sharam sab gaya!

— ಮೀಮರ್ ಮುತ್ತಣ್ಣ (@ijnani) December 19, 2023

Bahut baar suna hai, pahli baar dekha hai 🙂

— Surbhi Jain (@surbhiskjain) December 19, 2023 


— Sanskriti (@snskritinaruka) December 20, 2023


— Chandra kanth (@tgchandrakanth) December 20, 2023 

AI generated

— Pravin Patel  (@pravin_patel) December 20, 2023

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