Single request! Woman Seeks 500 Word Essays From Men Interested In Dating Her

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Single request!  Woman Seeks 500 Word Essays From Men Interested In Dating Her

Tired of enduring “shocking” dating experiences, one woman took matters into her own hands by submitting a unique requirement for interested suitors: a 500-word application essay.

Lauren Kempton, a 36-year-old single mom who has been navigating the dating scene for three years, added this quirky request to her Hinge profile as a light-hearted experiment.

He challenged genuinely interested men to show their commitment by writing a thoughtful essay on how they would avoid wasting his time.

To her surprise, Lauren received numerous responses, including one that went the extra mile by submitting a PowerPoint presentation.

Impressed by his dedication, she praised his effort.

Lauren, who works in a skincare clinic and is originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire, expressed her motivation for introducing this requirement, saying that her encounters with dating apps had been mostly discouraging, highlighting the shocking aspects of the dating app culture. online dating.

With her creative approach, Lauren aimed to weed out those who lacked sincerity and wanted to make a more meaningful connection.

Through this unconventional method, he hoped to find a genuine connection and potentially change the dating landscape from superficial to substantial.

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Lauren said, “I’ve been on some terrible dates, but mostly it’s boring: the same old conversations. People might think that asking for an essay was full of me, but it was a lot of fun; I didn’t expect someone to put in so much effort.”

She added, “At that point, it restored my faith in men, but I’m not using apps anymore. I’m putting my energy into other things and thinking, ‘If it happens, it will happen.'”

Among the essays received, one particularly notable submission came from a man who genuinely committed to being responsive and respectful of his time.

He vowed to respond to messages promptly, assuring her that he wouldn’t cheat on her if they didn’t feel a genuine connection or spark.

He continued, “I would start by making sure all the plans we made were followed through. This would also include indoor and outdoor date plans based on weather, time, cost, etc. (this includes accepting a Harry Potter marathon).”

He also wrote, “I’m a big fan of knowing where I stand in relation to people; if you like me let me know; if you don’t, let me know. “This would ensure that Lauren’s time isn’t wasted dating someone with no connection or spark. This works both ways, but this essay focuses on Lauren’s time.

Despite agreeing to date the lucky person who submitted the featured essay, Lauren’s unique method did not lead to finding true love. She continues her search for a compatible partner.

She added: “I got a few different answers then, but I’ve been single for three years and haven’t found anything I’m ready to settle down to.

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“At that point, the illicit request for some good conversations, like interviewing someone, because you’re already saying you won’t put up with time wasters. It’s a good way to get people to show their humorous side and spend some time making a effort. It shows you who they are and that they’ve read your profile and understand your humor. But I needed a new tactic, so I’m not really into the apps anymore.”

This unconventional approach provided valuable insight into the dating landscape, leading Lauren to explore new tactics and take different avenues to seek a genuine connection.

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