‘Sins of our mother’: Idaho cult mom Lori Vallow found guilty of killing her children, her husband’s ex-wife

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'Sins of our mother': Idaho cult mom Lori Vallow found guilty of killing her children, her husband's ex-wife

In a courtroom drama that captivated the world, Lori Vallow Daybell, known as the “Doomsday Mom,” was found guilty of murder and conspiracy on Friday.

The shocking case centered on a bizarre cult plot that led to the deaths of her two children and her husband’s first wife.

Vallow Daybell, 49, was unemotional as the verdict was returned seven hours after the jury began deliberations.

Even before her fate was sealed, she smiled and chatted with her lawyer, adding a creepy twist to the already chilling process.

In addition to the murder and conspiracy charges, Vallow Daybell was also found guilty of multiple counts of grand theft by deception and grand theft, revealing a web of deception that extended beyond the tragic loss of life.

Prosecutors painted Vallow Daybell as a would-be cultist with sinister motives of “money, power and sex” during the emotionally charged six-week trial. His narrative pointed to his alleged involvement in the murders of his 16-year-old daughter Tylee Ryan and his son Joshua “JJ” Vallow in September 2019.

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Tylee wrote this about you #LoriVallow and you killed her anyway. Feck in hell. pic.twitter.com/aVz8WoF2wn

— 💙 (@jenbo_29) May 12, 2023

The grim discovery of the children’s remains occurred in the backyard of Vallow Daybell’s third husband, Chad Daybell, a doomsday author, in June 2020.

Today is a good day! my ex sister in law, #LoriVallow, was convicted on all counts. Justice won’t bring back my niece, Tylee Ryan, her little brother, JJ Vallow, or Chad Daybell’s first wife, Tammy Daybell, but it will lighten the load a bit. (1/4) pic.twitter.com/vZWolMWfSk

—Annie Cushing (@AnnieCushing) May 12, 2023

The shocking revelations did not end there. Vallow Daybell also faced accusations that he conspired with Chad to kill his first wife, Tammy Daybell, who mysteriously passed away at her Salem home on October 19, 2019.

keep in mind how much he loved his mother #LoriVallow #LoriVallowTrial #LoriVallowDaybellTrial pic.twitter.com/eV7GYkBAna

— Lilly in London (@Lillyin_London) May 12, 2023

The courtroom was subjected to the harrowing viewing of graphic images showing the remains of the children. According to the indictment, Vallow Daybell committed heinous acts to free her and Chad from the restraints of her previous relationships so they could start a new life.

Text messages presented as evidence revealed the pair’s sinister intentions to inflict pain on Tylee, JJ, and even Vallow Daybell’s eldest son.

Larry & Kay will have justice and peace for Mother’s Day weekend 🙏🫶💝🕊️May #God bless you and comfort you until the battle rages on for the next fucking bastard#LoriVallowDaybellTrial #LoriVallow #LoriVallowverdict pic.twitter.com/4J0jX1Ykbr

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— Mia and her second thoughts (@Angels_Dwell) May 12, 2023

The defense, led by attorney Jim Archibold, responded by suggesting that Chad had manipulated Vallow Daybell through his apocalyptic teachings, painting her as a victim rather than a willing participant.

The shocking trial exposed the darker side of a cult dynamic and revealed the devastating consequences it brought on innocent lives. As the hammer fell on the guilty verdict, the nation grappled with the chilling reality of “Doomsday Mom’s” actions and the tragic consequences of a twisted plot.

“She wanted to be with Chad. They were obviously having an affair. But Lori had no plan to kill her children.” Archibold told the court.

Vallow’s grandfather, Larry Woodcock, came to court wearing a T-shirt that proudly proclaimed him “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Finally. Lori Vallow-Daybell is guilty on all counts. We are ready for the next 2 cases. These are American grandparents ❤️❤️😭 RIP Tammy, JJ, Tylee pic.twitter.com/7SXrL5gK0S

—Leslie Rumsey (@RumseyLeslie) May 12, 2023

Fighting back tears, he expressed his pain, saying: “I’m not the best dad in the world… but I hope I was the best dad in the world to JJ and Tylee.”

With tears in his eyes, Larry said, “I may not be the world’s greatest dad…but I hope I’ve been the world’s greatest dad to JJ and Tylee.” pic.twitter.com/5rPyQ42Y9G

— Pretty lies and alibis🎙 (@PrettyLiesAlibi) May 12, 2023

Larry and his wife, Kay, were seen holding each other in tears after Vallow Daybell walked out of the courtroom.

We are relieved and grateful that justice was served with the guilty verdict in Tammy’s tragic murder. While this may not bring Tammy, JJ and Tylee back, we are pleased that the justice system has done its job in holding the person responsible for their actions accountable. pic.twitter.com/TlkUNftWLj

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—Tammy Douglas Daybell Foundation (@TDD_Foundation) May 12, 2023

Larry led reporters in an unexpected rendition of “We Will Rock You” outside the courthouse before answering their questions. Overwhelmed with emotions, he said: “For once in my life, I was speechless. I want to personally thank and personally hug each and every one of those jurors. What they went through and what they saw was amazing.”

Larry Woodcock speaks afterwards #LoriVallow he is convicted on all counts. #LoriVallowTrial pic.twitter.com/mFuhtqxtCK

— Annie Elise x 10 to LIFE (@_10toLIFE) May 12, 2023

Larry expressed his anticipation for Chad Daybell’s trial, and when asked if he had a final message for Vallow Daybell, he replied, “Lights out. Party’s over,” implying that justice will be served.

In a statement issued shortly after court adjourned, prosecutors for Madison and Fremont counties expressed their satisfaction with the jury’s decision, saying they were “very pleased.”

They assured the public of their commitment to seek justice for Tylee Ryan, JJ Vallow and Tammy Daybell.

However, they refrained from providing further comment due to the pending charges against Chad.

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