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Sugar Mommas: Wiki, Cast, Plot, Release Date, Songs, Review, Trailer: Sugar Mommas is an American TV movie from 2012 with a very misleading title. Before revealing the plot (without big spoilers, don’t worry), we’ll look at some numbers and names. With an estimated budget of $75,000, Sugar Mommas isn’t a high-budget movie, but it’s a sweet time-passer.

Sugar Mommas Release Date

Sugar Mommas was released on 21 January 2012 in the production of Nina Holiday Entertainment and Swirl Films. GMC was the original distributor for the US market in 2012. In 2021, Ammo Content released Sugar Mommas as a video in the US and UK.

Sugar Mommas Crew & Movie Details

Genre Comedy
Directed by Roger Melvin
Written by Cas Sigers-Beedles
Producer David Eubanks
Producer Keith Neal
Producer Eric Tomosunas
Executive Producer Terri J. Vaughn
Executive Producer  Cas Sigers-Beedles
Music by Wes Cyphers
Running time 1 hr 28 min (88 min)
Country United States
Language English (US)
Awards 0
Nominations 1 – Image Awards (NAACP) 2013
IMDB rating 5,3

Sugar Mommas Plot

If your first thought after reading the movie title was related to wealthy older women seeking younger men, you’re wrong. However, sugar dating is more popular than you think. You’ll see that stars in the movie struggle with dating. Such inspiring ladies as Sheila, Thomasina, and Lynn would easily find guys on the sugar momma dating site when they say they own a bakery. Even in sugar relationships, additional sweetness is always welcome. But most women on the site aren’t in the baking business. Maybe they’ve watched Sugar Mommas and realized how difficult it is to run a bakery.

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The plot of Sugar Mommas builds around sisters Sheila and Lynn. They decide to take a leap of fate and open a bakery with their friend Tommy. Of course, the movie would be terrible if it’s 100% sweet, so ladies have different problems to deal with throughout the film. Even though they’re sisters, Sheila and Lynn are completely different. They have different mindsets, habits, and approaches. That’s what makes their relationship so fun. We won’t spoil anything more. You can read our review of the movie below. But first, we’ll show you who are the stars of Sugar Mommas (2012).

Sugar Mommas Cast Real Names

Now let’s meet the ladies who starred in Sugar Mommas.

Ernestine Johnson as Kendra

Ernestine Johnson played Kendra in Sugar Mommas, but that’s far from her main achievement. Ernestine is known for her role in Think Like a Man Too, where she played with some huge names, such as Kevin Harth. Ernestine knew that she wanted to be an actress from an early age and got a degree in Theater at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. During her college days, she was a very successful Track and Field athlete (D1). This hardcore Michael Jackson fan is a diverse artist and a master of the spoken word. Her piece The Average Black Girl got 60 million views worldwide after her performance at the Arsenio Hall show.

Her other movies:

  • A Merry Switchmas (2021)
  • The Waiting Room (2019)
  • The Morning After: Part One (2018)
  • #DigitalLivesMatter (2016)
  • Hear No Evil (2014)

Rachel True as Thomasina

Rachel True is a former model who first appeared in a couple of episodes of The Cosby Show. That was enough for her to continue acting. Rachel is known for her film roles in The Craft (1996), Nowhere (1997), and Half Baked (1998). She had a role in the rap parody CB4 alongside Chris Rock. Less known but equally interesting is her erotic thriller Embrace of the Vampire (1995). Rachel was born and raised in New York City.

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Her other movies:

  • A Girls’ Guide to Sex (1993)
  • Social Nightmare (2013)
  • Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)
  • Good Grief (2016)
  • Agnes (2021)

Terri J. Vaughn as Sheila

Terri J. Vaughn was born in San Francisco back in 1969. She’s one of the well-known faces of the late 90s and early 00s. Vaughn played in some iconic comedies, such as Friday. But her bread and butter are TV shows. Terri J. Vaughn got an award for the role of high school secretary Lovita Alizay Jenkins-Robinson in The WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show (1997–2002). Not 1, but 3 awards, to be precise. She has 3 NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She is also a producer and director.

Her other movies and TV shows:

  • Carnosaur 3: Primal Species (1996)
  • Stick It (2006)
  • Daddy’s Little Girls (2007)
  • All of Us (2003–2005)
  • Meet the Browns (2009–2011)

Vanessa Williams as Lynn

Vanessa Estelle Williams is a talented actress, director, writer, and singer who first appeared in Hollywood in the 90s. It didn’t take her long to get her career rolling. We’ll list her movies below. First, we’ll mention how multi-talented Venessa is. She has a solo show Feet On the Ceiling! that’s been thriving for more than 10 years. Williams is doing it in numerous colleges in the US and Caribbean. She’s often mistaken for Venessa Lynn Williams, the first-ever African-American winner of Miss America.

Her other movies and shows:

  • New Jack City (1991)
  • Punks (2000)
  • Candyman (2021)
  • Melrose Place (1992-1993)
  • A Luv Tale: The Series (2018)
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Sugar Mommas Songs

This movie is different because all the songs were performed by actors. Here is the list of them:

  • Opening
  • What’s Left?
  • Snap Out of It
  • Dad?
  • Pipe Dream
  • I’m Sorry
  • Great Idea
  • Man Down
  • Pity Party
  • Credits

Sugar Mommas Review

Sugar Mommas (2012) isn’t a movie you’d pick to impress someone with your taste in films. But it’s a movie to watch with your friends, partner, or alone to pass the time and get a couple of laughs. It’s not very famous, so you can use it as an ace in your sleeve the next time you can’t decide what to watch on a rainy day. It will surely bring some sweetness to your life.

Sugar Mommas Trailer

The official Sugar Mommas trailer is available on YouTube.

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