Tamil migrant worker takes home Rs 11 lakh prize at Squid-inspired event in Singapore

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Tamil migrant worker takes home Rs 11 lakh prize at Squid-inspired event in Singapore

The Korean series Squid Games instantly took over the internet after its release on Netflix in 2021. The series not only became popular all over the world, but also generated record numbers for the OTT platform. Even after two years, the Squid Game fever continues.

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A Tamil Nadu man in Singapore wins Rs 11 Lakh at a company event inspired by Squid game

SingaporeSingapore Tamil Man wins Prizeore-squid-game-company-eventPOLLISUM ENGINEERING PTE LTD

Most recently, the series made headlines when a migrant worker from Tamil Nadu won Rs 11 lakh at his company’s Squid Games-inspired dinner and dance event in Singapore. The survival drama was about contestants who risked winning a series of impossible games in order to win an explosive grand prize.

Heavy vehicle leasing firm Pollisum Engineering hosted the event last Saturday, where the man, Selvam Arumugam, 42, won prize money, equivalent to one and a half years of his salary, it reported. the times of the strait.

Selvam has apparently never heard of the series before, which makes it all a bit ironic. He works as a rigger and signalman in the company. His job is to inspect and maintain cranes and lifting equipment to ensure safe lifting operations at Pollisum Engineering construction sites.

Selvam came to Singapore in 2007

Selvam joined the company in 2015. He only studied through high school in India and even sends money home to support 15 members of his family. When asked, Selvam shared that she will put this prize money to good use and build a family home in India, where her family currently resides in a rented flat. She also plans to help her brother pay for her children’s education.

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After the win, Selvam said in Tamil: “When I heard that I had won, I couldn’t believe it… I called all my family to tell them this good news.” He says his wife didn’t even believe him the first time she mentioned her win: “My wife thought it was a joke at first until she (my friend) told her. Everyone was celebrating and crying at the same time. “. He added: “This will be a moment we will never forget for our entire lives.”

Migrant worker wins award at company dinner in SingaporePOLLISUM ENGINEERING PTE LTD

To stay true to the series, the event players wore red tracksuit jackets with number tags, while the game masters wore red hooded jumpsuits. A giant inflatable ball filled with money hung from the ceiling in full view of the players, similar to the piggy bank in the show.

After winning, Selvam was seen falling to his knees and covering his face with his hands in disbelief when he learned that he had won the top prize.

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