VPS Hosting

Managed Virtual Private Server, VPS Hosting Plan Guide

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Listen to the podcast: A managed VPS allows you to take one more transfer method. VPS offers everything you need ...

AI Changes the Translation Industry

How is AI changing the translation industry?

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If you keep up with technology news, you’ve probably followed the changes that AI has created in a wide variety ...

How to Install Lightroom Presets

How to install Lightroom presets? A detailed guide

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While you may not realize it, Adobe Lightroom is a straightforward process. In fact, it only takes a few minutes ...


Twitter begins labeling tweets with “misleading information” about vaccines

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The social networks Twitter have announced that they will begin to label tweets that may contain “misleading information” about coronavirus ...

laptop keyboard

How to clean your laptop keyboard

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The laptop keyboard may be one of those areas that receives less attention, which is the one that is used ...

Enjoy Rummy

5 Types of People Enjoy Rummy: Know Which One are You?

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Internet services have become increasingly accessible across the globe, and due to this, several different types of people play multiplayer ...


Twitter will Launch Audio Service in April

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The social network Twitter will launch Spaces in April, its audio service in which anyone can create their own public conversations and which ...

how to improve website security

Tips to Protect Your Website and Web Server From Hackers

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1. SSL Certificate and HTTPS Protocol It’s very important today that your website should have an SSL certificate with the ...

Driving car

8 effective tips to drive safely in strong wind and rain

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Rain, snow and ice are not the only weather phenomena that threaten the safety of drivers behind the wheel. The ...

How to Buy Bitcoin

How to buy Bitcoin safely with a bank account

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Banks are a very common and popular sight in each and every region of the world. They offer a wide ...

Tips on How to Stay Competitive in Tech Recruiting

8 Important Tips on How to Stay Competitive in Tech Recruiting

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Whether it’s sitting in on interviews or finding employees that fit the company brand, competition is in every part of ...

GPS Clock

How an in-out GPS clock app works

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Many different team time tracking apps are available today, and most of them have some convenient features. However, if your ...

Google app

Google’s Heads Up app to stop using your phone while you walk

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Google’s Heads Up app will remind you to look up from your phone when you’re walking down the street. The ...

jailbreak amazon firestick

How to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick 2021

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Jailbreaking is a technique in which you can remove parts of the operating system software from a computer or mobile ...

Facebook logo

Facebook Announces New Audio Product for Fight Clubhouse

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Facebook on Monday announced a number of new audio-based products and features. Products and features will be released in the ...

Apple imac

Apple’s new iMacs are thin, colorful and super powerful

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Apple’s new M1 iMac with 24″ display unveiled by Apple on April 20 incorporates all the best of Cupertino technology. ...

Facebook Video Dating App

Facebook is testing the video speed dating app

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Facebook’s video speed dating app is called Sparked. This app allows users to go on four minute video speed dating. ...

Cloud Storage

How does cloud storage work? [Best Tech Guide]

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Everything has been in the clouds lately, including all of our files and business data. The value of the cloud ...

free safe and secure vpn

How to choose a safe and secure VPN?

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Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are highly beneficial and in-demand for protecting one’s public Internet connection by encrypting data, hiding ...

How to share netflix account to another device

How to share a Netflix account? [Safe Tech Tips 2023]

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Do you want to share Netflix account with your friends and family? Here we describe the best and safest methods ...

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite: Everything you need to know [Latest Tech Guide 2023]

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Do you know the use of Microsoft Office Suite? In our daily life, MS Office Suite plays a vital role ...

Website Browsing

How to find a parent directory for a website?

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A parent directory is a directory that is placed on top of another directory. The root directory is the only ...

BSNL SIM Card Activation Method

BSNL SIM Activation: Everything you need to know [Best Methods 2023]

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Are you interested in buying BSNL SIM card? Do you know the BSNL SIM activation methods? Here we explain it ...

How to Change Twitch Username

How to change your Twitch name [Latest Tech Guide 2023]

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Listen to the podcast: Do you know how to change the name of Twitch? Here’s the latest tech tips to ...

How to Change the Default Google Account

How to change the default Google account [Latest Safety Tips 2023]

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Nowadays it is a burning question how to change the default Google account. So these tips are for you if ...


How to block subreddits [Latest Tech Tips 2023]

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Listen to the Podcast: Most of the people around the world use Reddit regularly. Sometimes they ask how to block ...

Smart Retail Solution

How to choose the right professional smart retail solution?

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What is smart retail? Smart retail is defined as the use of the Internet and Internet of Things technology to ...

MSI Keyboard

How to change the color of the MSI keyboard? [Latest Tech Tips 2023]

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Listen to the podcast: Do you know how to change the color of the MSI keyboard? Here we explain it ...

New Smartphone

7 Specs to Check When Buying a New Smartphone

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Are you planning to buy a new smartphone? We tell you 7 specifications that you should review on a smartphone ...

How to Delete Letgo Account?/1

How to delete Letgo account? [Full and Updated Guide in 2023]

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Do you know how to delete Letgo account? Here we describe it in detail so that you can do it ...

Application Monitoring Software

What can you learn through application monitoring software?

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Application monitoring is a procedure to ensure that a software application works and performs as planned. This method is used ...

cloud native security

6 Reasons Companies Going Cloud Native Are Important for Improving Security

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Contemporary cloud-native architecture employs modern systems to give enterprises the playing field to deploy applications at scale and securely. Also, ...

USB Cables and Ports

Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of USB Cables and Ports

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Ubiquitous in modern society, USB technology is found in almost all devices with two or more ports. However, USB cables ...

space centre

First astronauts arrive at China’s Tiangong space station

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The first astronauts arrived at China’s new space station on Thursday in the longest manned mission in history, marking a ...

construction site broadband

Ways Broadband Has Improved Construction Site Communication

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To complete activities on a construction site, networking is essential. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to set up an ...

Cosmograph Daytona - 5 Reasons to Buy This Watch

Why should you reward yourself with luxury watches?

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Watches are a great way to dress up any outfit. Some brands, however, may be out of your price range. ...

The Iconic and Legendary Rolex GMT-Master II

The iconic and legendary Rolex GMT-Master II

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Rolex marks exemplify the hard work and innovation that led to the company’s great success. Wilsdorf and Davis Ltd. was ...

Cosmograph Daytona - 5 Reasons to Buy This Watch

Cosmograph Daytona: 5 reasons to buy this watch

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Thinking of buying a Cosmograph Daytona watch? Famous for its “Born to Race” motto, this watch is for professional racing ...

5 Black Tie-Friendly Omega Watches You Should Buy

WATCH: 5 Black Tie Compatible Omega Watches You Should Buy

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You received a tag invitation in your email. What would you wear? If you’re like many others, every time you ...

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