Test your IQ: Can you find the butterfly hidden in this optical illusion in 9 seconds?

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Test your IQ: Can you find the butterfly hidden in this optical illusion in 9 seconds?

After days of mental stagnation and exhaustion, there’s nothing like a good brain teaser to refresh your mind. Whether it’s the hour-long commute to work or the fatigue of scrolling through an endless sea of ​​content on social media, occasionally concentrating on an optical illusion can refresh your brain.

Optical illusions are often hallucinatory or changing images that challenge a person’s visual perspective. In addition to posing a task for a person’s eyes, these illusions can also reveal the hidden reasoning behind a person’s perspective.

These illusions are often used to measure someone’s IQ levels. Usually, an official IQ test has questions to solve. The essential part of the test is a time limit that governs the mental power of an individual. These optical illusions, while not formal questions, encourage the viewer to apply their knowledge of visual perception and choose the correct answer from the lot. They are also timed and can determine a person’s level of intelligence.

Optical illusions are of three types. Physical, physiological and cognitive are the three types. Scientific research has indicated that the average human brain can change perspective when looking at the same thing from a different angle or headspace. This ability to change perspective is what helps you solve these optical illusion tests on time.

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Find the hidden butterfly

Optical Illusion IQ Test Find the hidden butterfly in 9 secondsbright side

In today’s puzzle, all you have to do is find the butterfly hidden among the other colorful insects and flowers in the optical illusion.

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At first, the task seems ordinary and simple, however, by taking a closer look at the picture, you will know that the challenge is much more complicated.

The trick to the task is to find the butterfly within 9 seconds of first viewing the image. Can you find the butterfly in time?


Well, if you failed to find the butterfly, then don’t lose heart as many fall short when it comes to this challenging task. To make it easier for you to hunt, here we have the answer to the optical illusion test.

optical illusion answerbright side

Please tell us if you were successful in finding the hidden butterfly within the given time limit in the comments below.

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