The Audacity! 10th grade student approaches the author and asks her to help her with homework

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The Audacity!  10th grade student approaches the author and asks her to help her with homework

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Class 10 student asks the author to do his homework

A tenth grader did just that, not to confess her love and admiration for author Preeti Shenoy’s books, but to help complete an assignment. The student sent her a message asking for help with her homework.

Shenoy shared the text and his response on Twitter, and people roared with laughter. The sheer audacity or hilarity of the teenage girl that she thought she could get a best-selling author to write her a poem for a school assignment sent the internet into overdrive.

In her message, the student asked Shenoy: “Hello, ma’am. I’m in 10th grade and tomorrow I’m having a competition to get a 10 line poem about kindness. Could you write me one please? Appreciate.”

The author denied the student’s request

The author denied her request, for obvious reasons, and shared the absurd conversation on Twitter with the caption: “And check out this message I got just now! A boy wants me to do their homework!”

And look at this message I received a moment ago! A boy wants me to do his homework! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

—Preeti Shenoy (@preetishenoy) June 29, 2023

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People on the internet couldn’t stop laughing at GenZer’s audacity to put the author on her case. One user advised the author to tell the student that he can use AI tools like Bard or ChatGPT to get the job done for free, without needing to bother a professional author.

Dare of the girl>>>>>>>. Please tell him that chatgpt or bard can do it.

—Palash Ramteke (@pvrthegreat) June 29, 2023

Another tried to defend the student.

Not just homework, it’s a competition 😅

— Poornima Menon (@poornimarmenon) June 29, 2023

One joked that the student wanted to use the power of the author as a good writer.

Haha… taking undue advantage of your shaktiyaan 😂

—Sneha Ashok Bhamare (@SnehaBhamare) June 29, 2023

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