The boss asks the employee why he is offline, he replies with a funny Gopi Bahu meme and wins internet

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The boss asks the employee why he is offline, he replies with a funny Gopi Bahu meme and wins internet

Well, laziness makes us late for the office and we all agree with this statement. Because we constantly arrive at work at least a few minutes late due to laziness. But have you ever used a creative excuse to be late: getting stuck in traffic or getting lost because the taxi driver wasn’t ready or for any other reason?

The lines between personal and professional life can get blurred in the age of social media and instant messaging. A casual attempt at humor via a Gopi Bahu meme on WhatsApp prompted an unexpected reaction from a man’s supervisor.

Do you remember when Gopi Bahu used soap to scrub Ahemji’s laptop and then placed it under running water? It inadvertently created a defining moment in Indian television history, which has since become the most ubiquitous meme in history. This is exactly what the person told his boss.

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When excuses go viral: Man uses Gopi Bahu meme as an excuse to log in late while talking to his boss on WhatsApp

monday getting worse

— Ujjawal Athrav (@Ujjawal_athrav) May 22, 2023

Ujjawal Athrav has shared the screenshot of his WhatsApp chat with his boss on Twitter with the caption: “Monday gets worse.” The conversation begins when the employer asks about the reason for your late login. Ujjawal responded with the viral Gopi Bahu meme in which she is seen washing a laptop. The meme is based on the TV show Saath Nibhana Sathiya, starring Gia Manek.

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Gopi Bahu Meme Chronicles Reveals The Unexpected Story After Delayed LoginTwitter/@Ujjawal_athrav

In the screenshot, your boss asks, “You haven’t logged in yet. What happened?” Athrav responded with the popular Goppi Bahu meme, saying, “I’m sorry sir.” To this, his chief wrote: “Mai bhi tumhare walk ke sapno pe aise hi paani ferunga”.

Memes have become a major component of internet culture, serving as fun and relevant snapshots that can be quickly shared and spread across many online platforms. These visual representations, often accompanied by creative captions, build on shared experiences and allusions, establishing a sense of community while providing fun. Memes are a diverse form of online communication, ranging from the flippant and light-hearted to the satirical and thought-provoking.

Let’s see how the internet reacted

The post has garnered more than 29,600 views, 103 retweets, 1,192 likes, and many comments. Many commented that the boss of Ujjawal was too cool, which is surely not so believable. In this post, other users shared the smileys for laughing, crying, heart and many more. But now, let’s see some funny reactions from people:

very funny boss

— S. (@daalmakhniiii) May 22, 2023

your boss is too funny

—Srishti shukla (@dusky_drone) May 22, 2023

This Boss must be Satya Nadella

— Adi 🍥 (@adi_jain95) May 22, 2023

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