The name or surname of a person written in his own handwriting is called a signature. It is considered very important for any document etc. Each person has their own unique signature. Which reveals many things related to his life.

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The name or surname of a person written in his own handwriting is called a signature.  It is considered very important for any document etc.  Each person has their own unique signature.  Which reveals many things related to his life.

New Delhi, Table of Spirituality. Signature Astrology: The signature is a special identity of any person. It is useful for keeping many of our things safe. The signature is important everywhere. It also plays an important role in maintaining the security of documents. But you know that through this you can detect the health related to the person and their happiness, sadness, even their thoughts.

Do you also sign like this?

Many people prefer a plain and simple signature. The health of such a person remains normal because these people are negligent with their health. These people rarely spend money. That is why his economic condition also remains normal. Money keeps coming and going with those people. On the other hand, if the first letter of a person’s signature is very large, that person is considered very virtuous. These people can get sudden monetary gains in life. Along with this, the body of such people is very healthy.

what does this signature mean

If a person signs from the bottom up, then his tendency is mainly religious. The wealth and health condition of these people also remains normal. There are ups and downs in the health of these people. But the chances of contracting any major disease are less. One special thing about people with such a firm is that when they need money, they manage it very easily.

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People of this sign have negative thoughts.

Whoever the signature comes from top to bottom, it is believed that negative thoughts predominate in him. The disturbance continues in the health of such a person. Many diseases surround them. The financial condition of these people also keeps fluctuating. Many times those people even get to the point of taking out a loan.

Who gets people a high position?

If the pen pressure is not high in the signature, that person also tries to force himself to make money. These people may have to deal with BP disease. Not only this, those people have more stress. On the other hand, if a person signs with small and beautiful letters, that person gradually reaches a higher position. His health is still good. Also, these people have more than one source of income.

Do you also draw the line below the signature?

The person who signs short and broken words is very smart. Those people know how to make money in any way. In the process of earning money, these people have to face humiliation many times. There are chances of such people contracting some serious disease. People who draw a full line under their signature and then put a dot or two after that, those people have a less difficult time making money. The savings of such people are also good. Along with this, his health remains good.

This is the meaning of writing the last name in the signature

If a person writes his last name after writing the first letter of his name in his signature and then puts a dot below it, then that person is rich. Along with this, the married life and health of these people also remain good. People who draw two lines under their signature feel insecure. Those people make good money, but they are also very stingy. The health of such people remains normal.

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