The smartest boy of all! 8-year-old boy tries to sell dad’s Hugo Boss watch online to buy his dream bike

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The smartest boy of all!  8-year-old boy tries to sell dad's Hugo Boss watch online to buy his dream bike

Thanks to exposure to different devices, children have become smarter than their age. An example is an eight-year-old boy who devised a clever strategy to buy his dream dirt bike.

Prepare to be amazed by the bold actions of an extraordinary 8-year-old boy whose recent antics have put him in the spotlight and earned him the nickname ‘Mini Del Boy’.

On a quest to buy the dirt bike of his dreams, this eight-year-old boy embarked on a daring venture to sell his father’s watch online.


The unsuspecting discovery of this entrepreneurial endeavor unfolded when Ash Capel, the boy’s mother, stumbled upon her son’s secret plan.

Little did she know that his own Vinted account was the platform through which he was looking to earn some extra cash by offering up his father’s prized possession: an exquisite Hugo Boss watch.

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While Ash was putting Casey to bed, he accidentally blurted out his secret plan and asked her not to check his Vinted account that night. With impressive determination and cunning beyond his young age, this remarkable boy has wowed all who hear his story.

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In an intriguing twist, a 34-year-old mother investigated her son’s mysterious actions by logging into her app.

She discovered that her husband’s watch was on sale for £100, according to Wales Online.

The witty 8-year-old mastermind had aptly tagged the item “daddy watch” while creatively describing the brand as “nice”.

To add a fun twist, he even featured photos of the watch, including one in which it was adorned with a colossal Mickey Mouse glove.

But the mischievous adventure did not end there. The intelligent mother quickly noticed something strange in the images: her son showing an expensive ring.

Shocked by this revelation, she shared her disbelief and said: “We couldn’t believe it. He helped me list his old walking boots a couple of weeks ago, and I told him if they sold, he could keep the money, so he must have had that in mind!”


The mother further added, “He made us laugh a lot. This is him everywhere. He’s so cheeky and always trying to make money. He wants a dirt bike, and we’ve told him he has to save up.”

As the story unfolded and reached the vast domains of social media, it quickly became a viral sensation.

This incredible story has captivated People across different platforms, finding joy in the cunning and mischievous spirit of the young entrepreneur.

The boy’s bold and daring actions have created an entertaining and moving show, highlighting the boundless creativity and ingenuity of the ‘Jugaadu’ children.

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