Throwback Thursday: Before marrying Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas had to seek therapy due to a ‘huge brain fart’

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Nick Jonas, during a recent interview on Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast, revealed that he sought therapy after a series of unfortunate mishaps during live performances. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Nick Jonas sought therapy: Nick Jonas found himself in therapy as a result of a series of unfortunate mishaps during live performances, which he describes as “tragic.” These experiences, according to him, have influenced his tendency to exert great pressure on himself to strive for perfection and constant excellence.

During a recent episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast hosted by Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, Nick Jonas spoke candidly about his ongoing battle with stage fright. He shared several instances from his career in which he experienced bouts of anxiety and nervousness while performing on stage.

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Jonas recalled an incident from his teenage years when he was commissioned to perform a tribute to Cole Porter. He had rehearsed to sing Porter’s classic song “Let’s Misbehave,” but when he took the stage in front of Porter’s family and Kristen Bell, he blanked out and forgot the lyrics.

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“I literally start to scatter… Your wife may not be running, remember this, but she was like the first person I ever saw come offstage. She said ‘good job,’ as if giving me a thumbs up knowing that I I was completely in love.” – the bed,” the pop star told Shepard.

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“I spent weeks thinking about how I could have handled the situation better and looked more like a professional. But I was 17 or 18. It was horrible. I flew straight to Austin to do something around the South before [Southwest] the next day,” he recalled.

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Meanwhile, one of Jonas’ brothers mentioned that he immediately sought therapy to address the situation, while Shepard joked that he would have gone to a bar instead.

“I was so in my head that I was going to come up and [that] they are going to ask me [about it] no one cared anymore. But your wife was very sweet,” Jonas said.

According to the former Disney Channel star, he has experienced similar incidents multiple times, regarding them as significant memories of his early days on Broadway. During that time, she had the opportunity to act in productions like “Annie Get Your Gun” and “A Christmas Carol.”

“[I went up] and I forgot the lyrics and it was traumatizing. I know it didn’t matter as much how he felt. And that’s always the case,” added the “Camp Rock” star.

However, in 2016, her perspective changed after a live performance mishap during the 51st Academy of Country Music Awards. Jonas revealed the incident, referring to it as a “really tragic guitar solo debacle” that occurred on live television. The mishap occurred when he was performing “Peter Pan” alongside Kelsea Ballerini at the prestigious awards show, in front of a large audience of fellow musicians.

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Six years ago, his disappointing performance attracted attention and became a topic of discussion in the media. In response to the incident, the singer took to Twitter and acknowledged his mistake in admitting that he “ruined the solo” due to a “huge brain fart.”

I just landed in London with all these videos of the Sunday night performance… What fun. Yeah. I blew the solo thanks to a huge brain fart.

— Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) April 5, 2016

“In retrospect, I can laugh a little bit at how big I thought he was, but he traveled more than I wanted. And he made me go to therapy,” Jonas said.

“Same deal: I’m guesting with Kelsea Ballerini, playing guitar. So basically it was during the time that the [Jonas] The brothers were separated. I’m doing solo stuff. Kelsea and I had a couple of performances together and this is one of them. And I go out on my own and again I’ve rehearsed it a million times.

“I feel very confident about it, not even really thinking about it like it’s something that’s going to be problematic,” he said. “I started, okay, and as I was walking towards her I just went completely blank and played a wrong note and passed out, basically realizing it was wrong. And I couldn’t stop.”

“To this day and hours after unpacking it, I really can’t figure out exactly what happened, but I was rushed to a car and then onto a plane and I looked at my manager and said, I think that was bad.” I was like in shock, and then it was like a really traumatic moment that shaped the pressure I put on myself to be perfect and always be ready,” he added.

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