Tomi Arayomi Arrested: UK-Based Nigerian Pastor, Apostle Tomi Arayomi Arrested At Airport

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Tomi Arayomi

We constantly hear news of arrests of famous personalities and their loved ones. This kind of news always makes people sad and anxious to find out the matter. Police usually arrest famous personalities only when they have committed serious crimes. This time also the wife of the prophet Tomi Arayomi is in the news after the news of her arrest appeared on the web. Prophet Tomi Arayomi, the nation’s prophet and founder of RIG Nation, appeared in the news after the arrest of his wife, who was detained by State Service Department officials.

Tomi Arayomi arrested

According to the details, he and his spouse were detained on the occasion of Good Friday upon their arrival at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, MMI, Lagos. However, at this time it is not known why the couple was detained, but there are many different theories related to the arrest. Some claim his apprehension is not related to one of his prophecies years before the 2023 general election, which many believe would have offended the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC. Many of his fans and supporters are shocked by the arrest of him and his wife and want them out of jail.

tomi arayomi

Furthermore, in one of his prophecies, Tomi Arayomi predicted the birth of a new Nigeria. According to him, regarding Nigeria, “almighty states, I am about to play my card and at election time, the citizens will hear from those who believe they have the right to rule… From a cry of my individuals, I will move to relocate Nigeria into the new gear and suddenly a challenge will wake up…”. Now there are many people who want to know the reason for the arrest, but right now it is difficult to share any kind of information as there are not many details related to it. We tried to contact the couple’s representative to find out more about it.

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tomi arayomi

A stir occurred on Friday, April 7, 2023, when it became known that the founder of the Restoring Isaacchers Generation (RID) had been arrested. Yes, you heard right, Tomi Arayomi is in custody. But why? RIG founder Tomi Arayomi was reportedly detained on Friday, April 7, 2023 by DSS at the airport. On what suspicions was he arrested and what are the charges against him? Numerous questions swirl in people’s minds after the confirmation of Tomi Arayomi’s arrest. Who confirmed his arrest? As there are many questions related to Tomi’s arrest, we did a deep study and collected some important details about this news. You just need to keep an eye on this page and keep reading this article until it is complete. Scroll down the page and read more details in the following sections.

tomi arayomi

Pastor Apostle Tomi Arayomi arrested

First of all, Tomi Arayomi was not the only person arrested at the airport by DSS, as his wife and personal assistant were also held by DSS at the airport. Apostle Tomi Arayomi, his wife Tahmer and his personal assistant Emmanuel were arrested at the airport on Friday, April 7, 2023. Scroll down the page and read more details.

The news of the arrest of Tomi Arayomi and his wife was confirmed by his twin brother, Tobi Arayomi, who took to Instagram and Twitter and posted: “Hello everyone, I need your help. I have just received news that my brother has been detained by the Department of State Services (DSS) in Nigeria. He has been arrested for political reasons, my brother and his wife Tahmar. He just arrived in Lagos and was stopped at the airport. It is a political target because some of his prophetic words have worried the Nigerian government.” Here the next question that arises in the mind is why Tomi Arayomi is arrested. Read the information in the next section.

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According to some reports, Tomi Arayomi is believed to have been arrested for a prophecy he gave last year about the 2023 election. However, the actual reason for his arrest has not been revealed. But the most likely reason for Tomi Arayomi’s arrest is the prophecy he gave in 2022. After hearing the news of Tomi Arayomi’s arrest, Oby Ezekwessili asked DSS, “Can you confirm the news that Pastor Tomi Arayomi and his wife were arrested by your officers? early today at Abuja airport? What offense?

However, the DSS has not shared or disseminated any type of statement in order to affirm or deny the apprehended and the reason for their detention. Well, as of now, we only heard about this news, but we hope to add more details to it. Until then stay connected with us and we will present more information soon. Readers can read our articles based on the trending topic. Stay tuned with us and soon we will be back.

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