Top 3 Things to Consider When Building a Gaming PC

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Portable devices definitely provide more portability, convenience, and easy access. It’s no wonder why office goers prefer to buy laptops over desktops. However, for those hoping to have a setup to pack a punch in the long run, very few can dispute the dominance of a personal computer. While buyers can rely on pre-built systems out of the box, there is always the option to build one from scratch.

Assembling a computer is widely known as the cheapest option. iBUYPOWER Easy PC Builder can be used to make the system unique and meet your requirements. A custom PC is also a better option for gamers, preferably because it can generate better performance.

This article is for buyers who are interested in building their own gaming rig. So before you jump into the shopping and DIY spree, take a look at some of the factors to consider.

1. Overclocking + fast heat dissipation

Most gamers choose to overclock or increase the default clock speed of the CPU, GPU, or RAM. The result of overclocking makes these components run faster than the factory specified settings. To be honest, contrary to rumors, overclockable components are not too expensive compared to normal ones.

However, the main concern surrounding it is the release of heat. Overclocking makes your components heat up faster to deliver improved performance. Countering the heat with a cooling system to dissipate it quickly is more than essential. Because if you don’t, the components will wear out faster.

2. Quiet and efficient cooling

So, as you already know, a proper cooling system goes a long way to the overall performance and longevity of your computer setup. There are two popular options for cooling: air and water.

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Air cooling is the cheapest option and usually comes loaded with processors and some graphics cards. However, it does produce noise, considering how fast the fans spin.

Those looking for a quiet and efficient cooling system should opt for water cooling. Although this system also has fans, they don’t make a lot of noise as the fans run slower. This system is expensive, preferably if you choose a custom circuit through the components, pumps, and radiators.

To conclude, both cooling systems are capable of cooling down the gaming PC. Those who choose to overclock their components should consider the water cooler. Otherwise, air cooling is sufficient.

3. Choose Random Access Memory

RAM is the memory capacity of the computer to store different programs in the background and run them smoothly. The sweet spot for most users is 8 GB of DDR5 RAM. It provides the best value-performance ratio for most average and expert gamers.

However, if you are running memory demanding games, it is better to choose higher GB and higher RAM speed. Keep in mind that a standard RAM will have a frequency of 1600 MHz and a latency of 9 CAS.

Buyers should also understand that 8GB DDR5 RAM is more powerful than 16GB DDR4 RAM. So be sure to carefully decide what you buy for your setup.


In addition to these, there are several other factors that need to be considered when building a gaming PC such as the GPU, SSD, monitor resolution, and refresh rate. One can use iBUYPOWER’s Easy PC Builder to have a clear understanding of everything. Those who are unaware of certain technical things should consider getting professional advice when purchasing.

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