Top 5 AI Photography Apps for iPhone

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Best AI Photography Apps for iPhone

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Generative AI and AI-powered photography apps are all the rage and increasingly becoming an important part of a content creator’s toolbox.

Here are the five best AI photography apps for iPhone that we’ve found.

1. Photoleap: Artistic AI Photo Editor

Typically, when we come up with a list of the best types of apps, we don’t list them in order: we don’t name them n. #1 or 2 etc… But we’re breaking that rule here because we love the Photo Leap app. Its AI derived tools are super powerful and the app has many AI photo based tools. In other words, fotosalto looks better as a collection of apps than a single app.

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Photoleap’s AI photo generator is one of the best we’ve found in an iPhone app. But it’s some of their other tools that we’ve fallen in love with. The moving background effects tools are particularly impressive. With one tap, you can remove the sky from your photo and replace it with a photorealistic animated one, beautiful stars, or a raging storm.

The app’s magic eraser tool is also among the best we’ve seen. This allows you to select an object in a photo and make it disappear. It is so simple and effective that it is almost like magic.

But all the animated effects that allow you to turn your still photos into moving videos make this app shine. There are too many effects to list here. So, we will say that this is one of the few apps worth paying the in-app subscription fee to access all the tools and effects. Of course, you can also use many features of the app for free.

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The only bad thing about this app is that there is no desktop version available for Mac. If there was, we could see how professional content creators could use the desktop version as an essential part of their workflow.

2. Lensa AI: Photo and Video Editor

Lensa has been all over the news lately. You’ve probably heard of it – it’s the app that lets you touch up your face to make it look perfect and has extra features like background removal, blur, and depth adjustments that any good AI photography app has.

But Lensa is best known as the app that lets you create stunning “magic avatar” profile pictures of yourself in various artistic styles. Lensa far exceeds in this regard. Another great thing about the Lensa app is that the developers have made a Mac desktop version available for you to use on your Mac and iPhone.

3. Wonder – AI Art Generator

Like many of the apps on this list, Wonder does a number of things. Most impressive are its generative AI capabilities to turn text into art. Enter “Shakespeare eating a hot dog” and see what the app spits out.

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But another stellar feature of Winder is the quick inspiration feature. Prompts are the commands you give. Generative AI is here, and many people are having trouble finding their own (this will probably lessen as generative AI becomes the norm). But for now, the quick inspiration tool is a great and welcome feature.

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4. Revive: Face Photo Animator

Revive is not as robust an app as others on this list, but it is entertaining. The main feature of the app allows you to animate mouths on photos and illustrations. You can then record your audio to make it look like animated mouths are speaking your words.

It’s a nice app and is a great example of the entertainment AI photo apps can provide.

5. AI tweak: remove objects

AI Retouch is a great app for people who post their photos on Instagram. It’s a great app to have in your editing toolbox because of its highly focused set of tools. The automatic people detection tool is my favorite. The tool automatically selects people in a photo and you can then remove them with a tap. The AI ​​will automatically add the background of the surrounding area that should have been behind them.

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