Top cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2021

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The pace with which technology advances is remarkable. This technology is paving the way with more advanced practices that solve many problems in our daily lives. Technology is shaping the world in recent years with innovative tools and multifunctional devices. It also influences companies around the world to optimize their processes and achieve long-term business goals. However, this technology is a double-edged sword that has its cons and its benefits. The last pandemic brought too many challenges to the world, along with the global transition of technology.

The large-scale digital transition also raises cybersecurity concerns. With more businesses relying on technology, cybersecurity is becoming a more critical part of the plan. The main reason behind this is the increase in cyber crimes. Regardless of the business structure, cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate. Research reports a 238% increase in cybercrime directly affecting digital infrastructure. Last year it was the main topic of technological disruptions that increased the importance of cybersecurity. As 2021 progresses, embracing cybersecurity remains crucial to keeping a safe side from hackers. Both small and large businesses keep up with smart contract security auditing services to ensure security against potential cyberattacks. With that said, let’s discuss the top cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2021.

One of the main concerns of digital transformation is data security. Data is the new oil around the world. Most companies use data to make business decisions related to operations. However, this data is also the main target of hackers. The most common causes of data breaches are easy or weak passwords, network failures, outdated software, and malware. These attacks are increasingly imminent due to poor employee communication and training.

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As businesses become more dependent on the Internet of Things, data breach attacks become inevitable. Not only companies, but everyone with access to the Internet is at risk of these attacks. 2020 was the most significant for data breaches. More than a billion pieces of consumer and market data have been left on the web for anyone to see. In that case, companies must prepare for the inevitable and follow precautionary measures to stay safe from data breaches. These include setting up two-factor authentication, firewalls, and data backups to ensure safety from potential hackers. In fact, most organizations do not have tech-savvy employees. However, empowering them with employee development programs can help your company better protect itself against all kinds of cyberattacks. These programs may include a master’s degree in online cyber security or information security to stay ahead of cyber attacks. In this way, you can ensure the protection of employees and the company against hackers.

In addition, it is worth investing in additional security measures such as privileged access management. This ensures that only users who need access to particular systems can perform certain tasks. The fewer privileged users who can access sensitive data and systems, the better.

In addition to data breaches, ransomware attacks are also an ever-growing problem in the digital world. In ransomware, hackers lock users out by encrypting their files and demand a ransom for decryption. Hackers are getting smarter about attacking companies for financial gain, which is a serious problem.

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According to research, 71% of ransomware attacks focus on ransom money, while 52% of attacks are malware-based. These attacks are easy to launch on servers, making it difficult to track them earlier during the breach attack. Those organizations that rely heavily on software systems fall victim to ransomware attacks.

Cyber ​​attacks are no longer limited to computer systems and software. 2021 will follow a trend of automotive hacking. Since modern vehicles use computer systems for seamless automation, they are not safe from potential hackers. Hackers are doing everything they can to harm both businesses and individuals, raising national security concerns.

Many cybersecurity organizations are working together with government authorities to secure from these attacks. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems of autonomous self-driving vehicles are vulnerable to hackers.

  • AI integration with cybersecurity

Apart from the growing threats, there is also good news for cybersecurity. The current year is ripe for integrating artificial intelligence with cybersecurity for intelligent protection against threats. Artificial intelligence is becoming paramount in all sectors of the world. Meanwhile, we are still waging a war with hackers who develop intelligent AI malware to bypass security protocols and cause data breaches.

As more Internet users switch to mobile phones, the risk of potential hacker prospects also increases. Hackers are now targeting mobile users for data breach, identity theft, ransomware, and phishing attacks. According to the latest trends, there is a 50% increase in mobile cyber-attacks in recent years, followed by 2021. The main reason behind this is that mobile devices are more vulnerable compared to advanced systems. Also, some people never take mobile security more seriously, putting the entire organization at risk from cyberattacks.

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Both small and large businesses need to take high-priority steps to control employee activity on mobile phones. Incorporating proactive approaches like two-factor authentication and antivirus apps can help keep them safe from potential hackers.

  • Invest in cybersecurity professionals

Most companies avoid hiring IT professionals to protect their data until hackers wreak havoc by stealing information. Just because your employees work on a secure network doesn’t mean it’s safe from cyberattacks. Companies must invest in protecting networks and servers against data breaches. These cybersecurity experts are equipped with the skills and know the moves of the hackers.

In this way, organizations can protect their valuable data and employees from blackmail and other cybersecurity intrusions.

Last words

Cybersecurity trends are bound to have risks at the individual and corporate level. As discussed above, cyber attacks will always happen. However, properly mitigating these risks is the right approach to protecting business data. The key to better protection is to continually modify your organization with the latest policies to proactively respond to any unauthorized activity.

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