Truecaller added Live Caller ID feature for iPhone users

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Truecaller Launch Live Caller ID

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Truecaller has introduced a new Live Caller ID feature for iPhone users that speeds up the process of discovering caller information. By integrating Apple’s virtual assistant, the platform allows users to quickly find the required information. However, not everyone has access to this ability due to certain restrictions.

Voice commands now allow iPhone users to activate Truecaller and look up information about unknown callers. When you say “Hey Siri, find Truecaller” during an incoming call, the app retrieves the number and displays the relevant information at the top of the call screen. However, this new feature is exclusive to Truecaller premium subscribers and is only available on iOS 16 or later devices. To access the latest update, users must purchase a Premium subscription.

The latest update to Truecaller for iPhone uses Siri Shortcuts and App Intents to seamlessly generate search results. This update aims to bring iPhone users a new level of convenience by eliminating the need for manual number lookups and widget copy and paste. The company emphasized that Live Caller ID with Siri searches the entire Truecaller database, yielding the same level of accuracy as Truecaller on Android.

To activate the live caller ID feature in Truecaller for iPhone, users must first navigate to the Premium tab of the app and select ‘Add to Siri’. This function allows you to add the shortcut to the device with a single touch. When using the feature for the first time, the user will be asked to grant access to Truecaller. It is recommended to choose ‘Always allow’ to prevent future requests. Once the Siri Shortcut has been set up, users can activate the feature simply by saying “Hey Siri, find Truecaller” to get immediate information from the caller.

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In addition to the live caller ID feature, the latest Truecaller update allows users to view and comment on numbers that have been flagged as spam. Users can now view other users’ comments about a scammer, as well as report their own experiences with strangers. Additionally, the update includes a redesigned SMS filtering feature that automatically sorts incoming messages into categories such as Finance, Orders, Reminders, Coupons, Deals, and Junk. This feature is currently available in India, South Africa, and Nigeria on iOS 16 and later. Truecaller has stated that these features will be available soon in other countries.

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