Twitter begins labeling tweets with “misleading information” about vaccines

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The social networks Twitter have announced that they will begin to label tweets that may contain “misleading information” about coronavirus vaccines. This development followed his December 2020 decision to take action against this content.

The platform has indicated that “it will begin to apply labels to tweets that may contain misleading information about the Coronavirus vaccines from March 1.

Twitter has stressed that “since the introduction of the COVID-19 guide, more than 8,400 tweets have been removed and petitions have been filed against 11.5 million accounts worldwide”, while revealing that it will launch a system of alert to warn users before their account is deactivated. removed

“We believe the strike system will help educate the public about our policies and further reduce the spread of potentially harmful and misleading information on Twitter, particularly for repeat violations of moderate and high severity,” he said in a statement posted on his website. Blog.

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In this way, the social network has detailed that “team members will apply labels when they decide that the content violates policies”, before adding that “it will start with content in English”, although it will later be expanded to “other languages ​​and cultural contexts”. .

Twitter has also revealed that one strike will have no account-level consequences, although a second will result in a 12-hour ban, which will also happen to a third. In the event of a fourth notice, the account will be locked for seven days, while it will be permanently suspended if there are five or more “strikes.”

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