Twitter Blue Membership is available for Rs 900 on Android device

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A monthly membership to Twitter Blue can now be purchased for around Rs 900, or $11, on the Android platform. Following Elon Musk’s takeover of the company, the subscription was upgraded to now include Twitter’s verified blue badge as part of the package.

Musk had previously stated that Twitter users who have a blue check next to their profile name will have to pay for the feature. In addition to this, a check mark will appear next to the profile names of new subscribers. The Twitter Blue subscription was initially introduced for iOS and web users and is still not available in India at the moment.

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According to the official Twitter blog, the price of a Twitter Blue monthly subscription in the United States is $11 per month for iOS and Android users, while web users only need to pay $8 per month (roughly Rs 700). ).

This is due to the fact that both Google and Apple earn a significant portion of revenue from in-app purchases, which reduces the share of a company’s profile. According to the site, Twitter Blue is also accessible to users in Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Twitter has stated that it will still check profiles for the blue tick, but the procedure is likely not as stringent as it is now. The company may want to verify that the profile is genuine and not just spreading false information.

According to Twitter, “All Twitter Blue features will be available immediately, except for the blue checkmark, which will appear on eligible profiles after a review to ensure subscribed accounts meet all eligibility criteria.” The blue check mark will not be available until Twitter has ensured that subscribed accounts meet all eligibility requirements.

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It is interesting to note that certain members of the Taliban appear to have acquired a Twitter Blue membership. One source claims that at least two officials associated with the Taliban, as well as four notable supporters of the organization, have earned a blue tick on their profiles.

Features and benefits of Twitter Blue

Subscription to Twitter Blue allows users to access a variety of useful tools and displays a blue check mark next to the user’s profile name. For starters, it allows users to send “undo” tweets, which, as the name suggests, allows users to retract previously sent tweets. It’s important for users to understand that this is not an edit button; rather, it just provides a window of opportunity for users to modify a tweet after it has been sent, albeit for a limited period of time. In addition, Blue membership customers can submit videos over sixty minutes and up to two gigabytes in size (1080p). On top of this, it gives your replies higher priority to Tweets you interact with.

Other important benefits that come with a Blue membership are bookmark folders, custom app icons, themes, a reader, and featured articles. Twitter, on the other hand, claims that not all features are accessible from all of its supported platforms. Additionally, new Twitter accounts will not be able to sign up for Twitter Blue for the first three months after account creation.

In the post you can see the following: “In the future, at our discretion and without notice, we may also impose waiting periods for new accounts.”

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If users break Twitter’s Terms of Service, the microblogging platform has the ability to remove the blue checkmark from their profiles without providing a refund.

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