Tyler Lawrence Death Case: Csean Skerritt, 34, Arrested on Murder Charges

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Tyler Lawrence Death Case: Csean Skerritt, 34, Arrested on Murder Charges

The entire world is mourning the death of the 13-year-old boy. This is not natural death news, in fact it is a murder case because the suspect took the life of an innocent child, Tyler Lawrence. The news of his death has saddened everyone and people want to know the reason for his murder and who is the suspect. On January 29, 2023, just before noon, a horrific crime reportedly occurred in the Mattapan area, which is near the intersection of Babson and Fremont streets. The 13-year-old boy lost his life at the hands of a suspicious stranger. The victim was a student at Coakley High School.

Tyler Lawrence Death Case

His death scene has been recorded in the video presented by the prosecutor in front of the court. Julie Higgins spoke about the video that recorded the last seconds of the teenager. Since the video was presented in court, the teen’s family left before the prosecutor began to explain the incident. According to Higgins, the 13-year-old boy was shot five times. One of the bullets hit the skull. The deceased was a citizen of Norwood and was visiting his grandparents when the suspect fired multiple shots on the drive. The deceased lost her life at the scene.

The police filed the case and during the investigation they found Csean Skerritt as the suspect in her murder. The 34-year-old suspect was charged with murder, being a Tier III career felon and multiple firearms and ammunition related offenses when he was sentenced Friday. In connection with the boy’s death, the suspect is charged with first degree murder and use of weapons. Kevin Hayden, the Suffolk County District Attorney, reveals this matter on Monday. He was arrested Sunday and charged with distributing fentanyl in violation of federal law.

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The case has shocked the entire nation and the US Attorney’s office has taken up the case. In the press release, the suspect is referred to as a gang member with ties to the notorious Morse Street gang. According to Kevin Hayden, there was no such link between Skerritt and the victim. According to investigators, Lawrence was not randomly shot, in fact, he was the target of a targeted attack. Hayden said Skerritt would be sentenced on the new murder and weapons charges after the suspect appeared in federal court Monday afternoon. The suspect already has a huge and extensive criminal history that includes convictions for weapons charges, assault and battery.

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