‘Unbelievably surreal’: 38-year-old transplant recipient sees her heart on display at an exhibition

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In an unexpected turn of events, a woman recently visited a museum to examine her own heart, which doctors removed from her body during life-saving transplant surgery 16 years ago.

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Woman sees her own heart on display 16 years after a transplant

This might be one of the strangest reunions you’ll read about. Jennifer has come face to face with her heart, which was removed in a transplant operation 16 years ago. It is part of an exhibition in @HunterianLondon about advances in medical science. https://t.co/ad4e7ypWPO

— NHS Organ Donation💗🫀🫁 (@NHSOrganDonor) May 17, 2023

Jennifer Sutton, from Ringwood, Hampshire, said it was “incredibly surreal” to have her own organ on display at London’s Hunterian Museum.

Sutton, 38, said he intends to encourage organ donation, which he describes as “the greatest gift possible.” She told the BBC that she now leads a busy, active life and intends to “support myself for as long as possible”.

heart roland hoskins

Sutton was a college student when she discovered that she had trouble with moderate activity, such as walking up hills. The woman was quickly diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy, a medical condition that limits the heart’s ability to pump blood throughout the body, and the doctor told her she would die if she didn’t get a transplant.

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The woman was on the transplant waiting list when she was 22 years old.

woman sees her own heart roland hoskins

Sutton’s health took a dramatic turn for the worse when he was on the transplant waiting list at age 22. In June 2007, she found out that she had been matched with a donor. She had been concerned since she was 13 years old when her mother died as a result of the same surgery.

“I remember waking up after the transplant and thinking ‘My God, I’m actually a new person.’ I remember doing a little thumbs-up dance for my family and saying ‘I made it, I made it,'” she said.

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