Unforgettable Moment: Service Dog Honored with Diploma at US University Graduation Ceremony

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Unforgettable Moment: Service Dog Honored with Diploma at US University Graduation Ceremony

At the request of his owner, Justin the service dog bought himself something special. At school graduation, the canine companion received a college diploma from Seton Hall University in New Jersey, which he walked with his owner Grace Mariani.

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Service dog earns his diploma at a college graduation

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On Monday, during Mariani’s graduation ceremony at the Prudential Center, the dog celebrated with her owner as she received a Bachelor of Science in Education, and was later presented with her own paperwork.

In a sweet viral video, Justin, who attended Mariani for his studies during college, received a diploma from Seton Hall President Joseph E. Nyre. In the video, Justin grabs his diploma with his tongue as the audience applauds the dog and Mariani.

Nyre raises her hands in celebration of the dog, Mariani, and the couple’s accomplishments. The video concludes with the dog receiving a certificate for excellent service from him!

The video’s caption reads, “Seton Hall President Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D. presents Grace Mariani’s service dog Justin, of Mahwah, NJ, with a diploma for attending all of Grace’s classes at Seton Hall.”

She further reported, in the comments sections, “Justin is a six-year-old yellow lab/golden retriever mix that Grace received from @canineorg. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education, Magna Cum Laude, and wants to teach elementary education and special education.” .”

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The service dog is six years old.

service dog gets his own diploma Seton Hall

According to NJ.com, the service dog is six years old, which is unusual for a college graduation carrier. Service dogs are highly trained animals that help people with disabilities or specific medical conditions perform tasks and mitigate the challenges they face in their daily lives.

These dogs are specifically trained to meet the unique needs of their handlers and provide essential support and assistance.

Seton Hall alumni and current students congratulated Justin and Mariani on Twitter, with some saying Justin must have been “so proud” of Mariani and others calling the clip a “wonderful moment”.

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