UP police fined girlfriend over Rs 16,000 for making a spool on the hood of car, people say she has been given ‘Shagun’

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These days, girlfriends are raving about their ways to make popular videos. Sometimes a bride will go viral for sleeping through a phera ceremony, dancing while she walks in, and other things. But this time, this girl didn’t go viral for a good reason.

Recently, a video of a girlfriend seen doing a reel while sitting on the hood of a car on the highway went viral, and guess what happened next?

The UP police fined her an enormous amount.

People all over the world are going crazy for making Instagram reels. They are trying to do something different to go viral on social media. But what do you think of this one? Is this ethically correct?

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Dulhaniya just got a reality check: she was fined for doing an Instagram reel while sitting on the hood of a car

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An Instagram handle named ‘Sach Kadwa Hai’ shared this viral video with the caption, “Arey kyu risk lete ho itna 🙂 Source: ABP NEWS.” The video is all over social media and has received mixed reactions from people.

The video, which was filmed in the exclusive area of ​​Civil Lines, quickly went viral, drawing the attention of the police post in charge of ‘Dharna Sthal’, Amit Singh. In the now-viral video, she can be seen projecting a mix of history and contemporary as she dons a crimson wedding lehenga.

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He was subsequently issued two challans totaling 16,500 for breaking traffic laws. According to media reports, the bride, Varnika from Allapur region, filmed the clip while she was sitting on the hood of a jeep in her wedding dress a few days ago.

Duhaniya fined for making an Instagram reel sitting on the hood of a car, video goes viralInstagram/sachkadwahai

While a 15,000 challan was awarded for sitting on the hood of the moving SUV, another 1,500 challan was awarded for riding a scooter without a helmet. Sub-Inspector Amit Singh stated that the video of the car was made on May 16 near ‘All Saints Cathedral’, while the footage of the scooter was shot around two months earlier near ‘Chandrashekhar Azad Park’.

Let’s see the reaction of the netizen

Since the video was shared on social media a few days ago, it managed to get more than 76,300 views and more than 4,000 people liked the clip. There are many comments, which we are going to read below:

One of the users said: ‘Why does this government have to pay such a fine for the problems of the people?’ Another said: ‘This is the wrong way. Why do it on a busy street? Do it at the entrance of your house. But Tashan killed me. One even commented: ‘Nowadays the fad for the simple wedding is over 🤦’.

Duhaniya fined for making an Instagram reel sitting on the hood of a car, video goes viralInstagram/sachkadwahai

what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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