Viral: After Balenciaga, now this e-commerce site sells Indian charpai for over ₹1 lakh

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This charpai is selling for over Rs 1 lakh on a US e-commerce website. Do you accept this as real because it is true?

THESE days the internet is abuzz with viral videos that can be funny, tragic, or downright embarrassing. Recently, a post about an Indian became popular on all social media channels. You have it right there. This charpai is selling for over Rs 1 lakh on a US e-commerce website. Do you accept this as real because it is true?

Check out the post here:

Due to the fact that the black trash bag was being offered for Rs 1.4 lakh, this charpai came right after the Balenciaga black bag, which also attracted the attention of all the online users. The American e-commerce website Etsy is the source of this popular video. Indian charpai can be purchased from this website for up to Rs 1,12,039. This classic charpai goes by many other names in different regions of India and other Southeast Asian countries, but in North India it is also known as manjaa, khaat, khatia, or manji.

In addition to this, the website lists various items like Punjabi manji or desi khat as “traditional Indian beds with very beautiful decoration”. Etsy mainly focuses on vintage items and DIY supplies. “Who will buy this for Rs. lakhs?” you may have wondered Well, some people have already started buying it.

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According to the description on this popular publication’s website, the charpai is a “handmade” item that “ships from a small company in India.” It then states in the description that this charpai is constructed of “wood” and carries “jute ropes” when talking about the material. Also, the website provided the sizing information, which is as follows: “Width: 36 inches; Height: 72 inches; Depth: 18 inches.” Now, after a short period of time after the article became popular online, it received a huge number of likes and comments from internet users.

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